Employee Spotlight: Stephanie “O’Mollie” Molettiere, Senior Accounts Executive

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Stephanie at Cliffs of Moher Tenon Tours would like to congratulate Stephanie Molettiere (or “O’Mollie” as we like to call her), Senior Accounts Executive, for being chosen for our first ever Employee Spotlight.  Stephanie has been an integral part of the Tenon Tours team for two and a half years now as the #1 sales person in the company with close to a 100% customer satisfaction rate.  We hate to brag (okay, not about reviews for Tenon Tours), but here are some reviews from Stephanie’s clients:

“Stephanie was lovely. She was pleasant, helpful and responsive.”

“Stephanie was very quick to respond to any questions and all our changes along the way, never felt confused or at a lost on planning this trip to a country we have never been to before. She was great, usually we book our own trips but this time I choose to have a little assistance and she was terrific.”

“Stephanie was VERY responsive and always had appropriate, accurate answers.”

“She was especially prompt. Wasn’t pushy. Answered questions well. Understood what I wanted and delivered (instead of trying to talk me into something else).”

“Stephanie was always prompt in responding to any inquiries and questions. Great personality. Very helpful suggestions. It was a real pleasure working with her. She made this whole process seem easy. We had no stress! Everything was in place and went as planned. We just sat back and enjoyed the trip.”

“Our trip went like clockwork. We had to change a few things (added extra nite, car pick up) but it was wonderful. Standing in security line coming home my husband and I were tooting your horn to other travelers.  Stephanie Molettiere was super. She made sure everything was right.”

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Stephanie Aran Island Bike Rental

Where is your favorite place in Ireland that you’ve been to?

Stephanie: Wow, this is a tough one but if I had to pick my favorite, I would say Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands. Not only was the weather absolutely perfect the day I traveled there but I had some great company as well, which made the trip that much better! My group decided to rent bicycles (which I’m still not sure if that was a good idea or not as I hadn’t ridden a bike in years!) and follow the path around the island on our own. I couldn’t get over the scenery that we were witnessing as we rode around from place to place. We also had some great fun at a local pub towards the end of the day, that was topped off with a few pints and some Irish songs sung by a lovely Irish gentleman (who had been at that pub a LOT longer than we had!) (picture below).

Where is the most desired place you’d like go that you haven’t been yet?

Stephanie: I would absolutely love love love to head into Northern Ireland to experience a Black Taxi Tour in Belfast, drive along the Antrim Coast to discover the Giant’s Causeway, cross the Carrick-A-Rede Bridge and finish with a whiskey at the Bushmills Distillery! (Even though I’m not the biggest fan of whiskey, I figure it’s gotta be worth a try!). If possible, I would also love to head over west to the walled city of Derry, one of the oldest cities in Ireland. I guess I’m listing more than one so I’ll stop for now!

Stephanie Pub Aran IslandsWhat is the number one thing you feel everyone needs to know when planning Ireland vacations and traveling?

Stephanie: The ‘unplanned’ is often times the absolutely best plan you could create! If you have a tentative idea of what you are doing one day to the next, that is great because you want to make the most of your time. However, don’t be afraid to just drive or walk somewhere and just let the wind take you to the next pub or beautiful site you see, you just never know who you might meet or what you might discover!

What is the best part about your job at Tenon Tours?

Stephanie: The best part of my job huh? I am being completely honest about this, the most amazing feeling I have at my job is when a client I’ve been working with returns from their trip and they’ve had the best vacation they could have imagined! I cannot tell you how great it makes me feel that someone was able to experience the beauty of Ireland and really made all their dreams come true. Helping create a magical experience for someone, is really the best part of what I do each day.

How many different hair styles have you had in the last 5 years?

Stephanie Aran Islands BikeStephanie: Now, this could mean a variety of things… how many cuts, styles, color changes.. but assuming we are going with styles I would say only about three! (I should have more considering my sister is a hair stylist and my father is a barber). But, I believe I have only varied from short, to long and then back to short again.

TT: One day we’ll do a blog about all of your hair styles and everyone will see why we asked this question.

What’s the most outrageous story you’ve heard from one of your travelers?

Stephanie: It took me awhile to think of this one as there are so many great stories however, last year I had a traveler who played a round of golf at the Salthill Golf Club in County Galway and hit an unbelievable hole-in-one. For anyone who isn’t an avid golfer, this is a feat that will never come to 99% of all golfers in their lifetime. Ireland’s National Hole in One Club puts the odds a little lower for one ace: “The estimated odds of acing a hole with any given swing are one in 33,000.”

Do you feel you could be the next Jillian Michaels?

Stephanie: Well, as much as I would love to achieve her physical stature and follow her strict health conscious diet, I’m just not sure I would be able to put down the pints! She is an inspiration for me so I’ll continue to strive to hit those goals!

Katie Ring of KerryWhat image from your trip to Ireland is burned in your memory forever?

Stephanie: After looking through rolls and rolls of film and trying to contemplate which picture really stood out from the rest… I had to narrow it down to the one of my friend (and co-worker!), Katie Fleming, lying on the ground helpless after a slight fall! Now, I am not a mean person and would never want anyone to fall or get hurt but this was just a case where you had to giggle. We were on the Ring of Kerry tour at Ladies’ View and sneaky ole Katie wanted to try to jump into someone’s picture uninvited to be funny and tripped on a rock on the way falling in front of the entire tour bus… well look who’s laughing now!

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  1. Patrick says:

    Love Ireland! Was there about three years ago, want to go back so bad. My birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day so I was there during that week, so much fun!!!!! People are so awesome!

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