Site One Reunion Tour to Scotland – August 27 – September 4, 2013

We have 57 people registered for this tour. We will be using TWO BUSES for this trip.


Below you will find the list of registered participants:

David Elrod
Jill Elrod
Karl Poruben
Katherine Poruben
John Wright
Margo Wright
Clyde Riggs
Carolyn Riggs
Robert Prezioso
Linda Prezioso
Sharon Hahn
Becky Boyer
Thomas Booth
Drieda Booth
David Santucci
Nancy Santucci
James Flowers
Marjory Flowers
Gary Stowe
Ruth Stowe
Gary Riggs
Virginia Riggs
James Siscel
Andrea Siscel
Peter Coakley
Carolee Coakley
Keith Werner
Kathleen Werner
Dawn Smith
Donald Wade
Cecil Krick Jr.
Marjorie Krick
Paul Ogg
Kitty Ogg
Beverly Hunt
Carl Hunt
Ronald Sinclair
Marjorie Sinclair
James Dickinson
Dianne Dickinson
Carthell Ellis
Patricia Ellis
Joseph Schmidt
William Pontius
Kay Pontius
Kenneth Noll
Bruce Lobach
Barbara Lobach
Romaine Randall
Dean Owen
Lisa Owen
Danny Poole
Judy Poole
Richard Stevens
Lynda Stevens
Gregory Finch
Patrick Bannerman


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