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Think you need a vacation now?  Just wait until you are scouring the sites of Aer Lingus, Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, and Travelocity-then you will really need a week off!  Sure, shopping for airline tickets online can be confusing, exhausting, and frustrating.  So, before you delve into the research, we would like to give you a few pointers.  Tenon Tours wants to help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing airline tickets online for your trip to Ireland.

1.  Shop and Buy Early During Peak Season
The best time to purchase airline tickets online is especially important during the holidays and summer months, when travel to Ireland is at an expectant high.

2.  Shop Early and Buy Later
The best time to purchase airline tickets online is six to eight weeks prior to departure.  Airlines start offering cheaper seats about four months prior to departure for domestic flights and about five months prior to departure for international flights.

Best Time To Buy Plane Tickets Ireland3.  Know When to Buy
The best day to buy airline tickets online is either Tuesdays or into Wednesdays.  Fare sales are often launched on Monday nights, so try hunting after midnight. Other airlines will have matched their prices by Tuesday morning, and after Wednesday, prices will typically increase.

4.  Flight Capacity
You can tell if your desired flight is empty or full, by starting to buy airline tickets online and choosing your seat.  This way you can tell how many seats have already been taken.  If the plane is fairly empty, then you will have time to spare before you need to make a commitment and purchase your airline tickets online.

5.  When to Travel
The least expensive days to travel are on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, while the most expensive days to travel are on a Friday and a Sunday.

6.  Be Flexible
If you live close to more than one airport, make sure you check out the airline tickets online for all airports.  Experiment with different travel dates.  Shifting your itinerary by a month, week, or even a few days can sometimes make a huge difference in fares.

7.  Be Aware
Prices for airline tickets online change up to three times per day.  Sign up for e-mail alerts, using online techniques.  Kayak’s Hacker can help you find two separate one way flights to make a round trip flight that saves money. Kayak also offers a fare chart, so you can see the trends in ticket prices, while Bing created a price predictor tool to help you guess if airline tickets online are going up or down.

Always remember that booking is a gamble.  When in doubt, booking earlier is safer.  If you follow these general rules of thumb, it should eliminate some of the stress and help you make the best decision when purchasing your airline tickets online for your upcoming tour to Ireland.

Go N-éirí an Bóthar Leat-Bon Voyage and see you in Ireland in 2013!

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