10 Reasons to Travel with Tenon Tours

For dedicated travelers like us, we realize that due to recent events going on in the world you might be thinking twice about booking that trip you’ve been dreaming of and saving for. Don’t put off your plans. Travel advisories remind us to all travel with caution, but Tenon Tours wants to also help you book with confidence. Here are 10 reasons to book your vacation with Tenon Tours:


You are our boss. We are here to help you create the trip you’re looking for and if we don’t provide what we promise, we answer to you. Oh, and you’ll actually get to speak to us. You will not deal with a call center or email ticket system when trying to get your questions answered.


We get it: You have all of the information you could ask for at your fingertips. Open a search engine online and you’ll have tons of anonymous comments on various websites to help you make your decisions. Do they help, or do they just help add to your confusion? Our travel specialists have helped thousands of clients through your same questions and requests. Not everyone is the same. Allow us to learn about YOU and how YOU like to travel and we’ll do our best to guide you in the right direction.


Our local relationships mean we’re able to provide high-touch inclusions and personalized experiences that exceed expectations.

24/7 Hotline

Tenon has its own dedicated Hotline number should something come up while traveling. With local Irish and UK numbers, this will give you peace of mind knowing that we’re only a call away.

Consistency with Individuality

You’ll always be met with the highest standards – from pre-trip consultations to the actual trip experience – while allowing your passions, and ours, to shine through.

Time Savings

Time equals money. Spending hours and weeks researching the perfect trip can take up a lot of your time during a busy work week, or during the free time you should be spending with your friends and loved ones. Once you give us the time to learn a little about you we’ll take the time to find you what you’re looking for – that’s what we’re here for!

Dedicated Travel Specialist

We should have made this #1. Most clients return from their trip and respond on their survey that that main reason they chose Tenon Tours was because of their travel specialist and were constantly impressed by the personal service they received by anyone on our team who may have pitched in along the way to make sure their trip would go off without a hitch!

Currency Exchanges & Easy Payments

It can be overwhelming to book all of the components of a trip on your own. Between figuring out the exchange rate (industry tip: every company – including banks and credit cards – uses a different one), putting down large non-refundable deposits, paying exchange rate credit card fees to European operators, the price can really add up! At Tenon, we will only charge our American clients in USD and we will lock in your exchange rate once you book. We will not charge you more if the exchange rate goes up and you still have a balance to pay. Plus, we offer flexible payment plans and deposit schedules.

Itinerary Planning

Most travelers are not entirely comfortable “just winging it” for their entire trip. Based on your level of comfort, we are here to help add some structure to your plans, but still allow for flexibility. We’re also here to let you know our feedback when you may have too much planned for one day or if we have suggestions for other things you may be able to include on your trip along the way you didn’t know about.

Travel Insurance

Travel is unpredictable in so many ways. Weather, world events, medical reasons and family emergencies just to name a few. We could tell you story after story about how travel insurance came in handy for our travelers, but what we really want to share is that though we cannot make sure that every part of your trip runs flawlessly, we can help provide peace of mind.

Ready to Start Planning Your Trip?

Our Travel Specialists are ready to craft the perfect trip for your upcoming vacation!

Download the Group Tour Planning Guide

Discover the benefits of organizing a group tour, itinerary planning tips, what to expect while traveling, and much more!

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