10 Tips for Traveling Alone in Ireland

How often do you like traveling alone?  If you went on an overseas experience, you probably encountered lots of youth traveling alone.  It’s pretty common in Europe, actually.  Public transportation and youth hostels are both affordable and well populated.  Often, you can connect with others in your situation and travel with them.

Singles tours

are also a popular option if you want to be part of a group of like-minded travelers.

Traveling alone doesn’t need to be intimidating, but it does mean you’ll need to have a few considerations, especially if you’re a woman, at the front of your mind.  Tenon Tours offers these ten tips if your

traveling alone in Ireland


  1. Consider wearing distinctive clothes if you’re traveling alone to remote, underpopulated areas.  You will be sure to be remembered.  One avid hiker we know opts for tie-dye while she’s in the mountains.  Everyone spots her on the trail.  Otherwise, dress very discreetly and modestly.  We cannot emphasize this enough. When traveling alone, no low cut tops or short skirts.  If you would not wear it to Grandma’s house, you should not wear it for traveling alone.
  2. Don’t engage in drunken banter.  While Ireland is very safe, locals and tourists enjoying

    Irish drinks

    may not be on their best behavior or able to make the smartest decisions. Do not over engage with people you don’t know.  We all have trigger points where good fun turns to a good brawl.  Women traveling alone in Ireland means a bit of machismo will always come into play. Even if you politely reject that cute lad, it’s still a rejection.
  3. Mind your P’s and Q’s means mind your pints and quarts.  Don’t drink too much.   Enjoy the


    , just enjoy it responsibly while traveling alone.
  4. How about a whistle?  Another good measure for less populated areas.  Your goal is to startle the person and run away.  The best method is short, loud blows, alternated by longer breaths.
  5. Know the emergency numbers.

    Traveling alone in Ireland

    , you’ll want to know 999 or 112. They are the US equivalent of 911.  Also, keep a cab company number handy.
  6. Don’t be an obvious tourist.  That means no maps at night when you’re traveling alone.  Be weary of asking for directions in a less than favorable area.  Call a cab at the bar if you need to.
  7. Opt for high traffic hotels and hostels.  You’ll want to be polite to the staff, too. They will remember you and often tell you traveling alone tidbits to keep you in good areas after dark.
  8. Never get in a car with a stranger.  Anyone you wouldn’t introduce to your mom is a stranger.  You do not know them, even if you shared craic all night.
  9. Consider a

    singles tour

    for added safety.

    Irish travel

    is an excellent adventure with a group of other single travelers.
  10. No flashy jewelry and always have ID.   Traveling alone it is very important not to attract attention in a negative way.   Keep your passport on your person, if possible, and tucked into a hidden pocket of some sort.  Absolutely no signs that you might have money should be visible, even if you always wear your Tiffany ring.

Traveling alone is actually more common abroad than in the US.  The majority of crime is petty theft.   You won’t need to be concerned about violence as much.  However, there are lots of beggars, thieves and questionable characters.  Know the top ten tips for traveling alone.   Now follow them, always.

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