2015 in Review: Best UK Tours


2015 was a banner year for travel to Europe, particularly Ireland and the Great Britain. A record number of visitors to Ireland, the Year of Food & Drink in Scotland, and more affordable options throughout England and Wales made for a great time to travel. But what were the biggest travel trends to Europe in 2015? We’ve crunched the numbers and compiled a list of the most popular trips below.

  1. Independent Self-Drive Tours – 45%

  2. The most common way to travel to Ireland and Great Britain in 2015 also happens to be our specialty! While we arrange your rental car, accommodations, optional sightseeing, and even electronic gadgets to keep you connected, how you spend your time is up to you. Traveling with Ireland’s “Go-as-you-please” B&B vouchers allow you to travel with the most flexible itinerary, and at an affordable price. There are also plenty of options throughout Scotland, England and Wales which provide travelers with authentic experiences.

  3. Hopper Tours – 20%

  4. Taking the #2 spot last year was our semi-escorted Hopper Tours to Ireland, as well as the expanded Hopper tours to Scotland, England and Wales. Small group tours are all the rage these days, but even so, many people like more independence. Our Hopper Tours provide, as we say, “the structure you need, but the flexibility you want” by combining point-to-point transfers, city-center accommodations, flexible itineraries and several optional tours and attractions offered a la carte.

    All of our featured countries offer several routes to choose from, with many offering destinations off the beaten path. If you’re looking for a less rigid type of tour, but one that offers the same safety and security of a group tour, than you should consider a Hopper Tour in 2016!

  5. Private Chauffeur / Private Driver – 15%

  6. Don’t want to drive yourself, but don’t want to be stuck on a bus either? Consider a chauffeured tour of Scotland and Ireland, a private driver in Wales, or a luxury trip of England. Let’s face it, not everyone is up for the challenge of driving on the other side of the road and car. Pair that with unfamiliar roads, confusing directions and the random group of sheep crossing the road, and you might just be better off hiring a private driver to escort you around the country of your choosing. You’ll work with one of our personal travel specialists to create an itinerary to the best cities, towns, and attractions throughout the region.

  7. Guided / Escorted Tours – 10%

  8. If you’re the type of traveler that likes to have everything, and we do mean everything, taken care of for you, a traditional guided tour is the right choice. With over 80 different itineraries ranging from 5 to 24 days, you’ll travel with peace of mind knowing that you’re not going to miss a thing. Not sure where to start? Simply browse our hand-selected tours of Ireland, Scotland, England or Wales, or choose one that visits all of them!

  9. Honeymoons – 5%

  10. Whether it’s the breathtaking scenery of Scotland or Wales, the romantic castles of Ireland, or the quaint villages of England, we hosted a record number of honeymoons taking place last year. With a range of romance packages available, a honeymoon trip to Ireland is one of the best options you should consider. Check out our latest blog for the Top 10 Reasons to Plan an Ireland Honeymoon!

  11. City-Stays, Adventure, and More! – 5%

  12. While they weren’t as popular as other types of trips last year, we expect a surge in more experiential and active trips in 2016 which include urban city-stays and adventure tours featuring surfing, coasteering, zip-lining and cycling. It’s one thing to see the sights, but you can truly live it when you’re immersed in the middle of a bustling city like Dublin, Edinburgh, Cardiff or London. Many times, travelers prefer to stay in one location and venture out on day tours to explore the areas by foot, bike, or even motorcycle. Wales will even be celebrating 2016 as the Year of Adventure.

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