24 Hours Dublin – A Book Review

The majority of Ireland vacations begin and end in Dublin, home of Ireland’s largest airport. So even if you don’t plan to spend any time touring Dublin, you’ll find yourself near the city for at least a few hours of your stay – often early morning hours and later afternoon and evening hours.

So what is there to do in Dublin? What can you see in 24 hours in Dublin?

Quite a bit, it turns out!


24 Hours Dublin

A new hour-by-hour guide to Dublin city, 24 Hours Dublin, leads you through Ireland’s capital city, beginning and ending at 5am. Anna Snyder writes from a unique perspective, having been a visitor to Dublin (as a student at University College Dublin) then a Dubliner (remaining in Dublin after her studies ended).

Snyder shares the best place in Dublin to get a hearty Irish breakfast to fuel your explorations, or if you would rather wash down breakfast with a pint, one of the few remaining Early Houses in the city.

While some hours offer more options than others, obviously, the recommendations in 24 Hours Dublin offer something for everyone. Though a few of the suggestions left me wondering about the recommendation in relation to time (I would choose to visit Murphy’s Ice Cream in the early afternoon, not 11am) or the interest a tourist would have in certain activities (I’m not sure who wants to fit in a workout if they have limited time to see Dublin?) Overall this little guide will take you off Dublin’s tourist tracks and assist you in seeing more of what the city has to offer.

Should You Buy 24 Hours Dublin?

Perfect for a self tour of Ireland, 24 Hours Dublin is a handy guide, complete with tips on how to get to each destination as well as website links, phone numbers, and opening hours.

24 Hours Dublin
is available in Kindle format at Amazon.

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