5 Tips to Avoid Being the Bad Traveler

Every traveler can remember a time they’ve had a REALLY bad flight experience. Whether it be a crying baby, a bad smell, or someone who’s crowding your personal space just a little too much, we’ve all been there. If you’re about to

travel to Ireland

(or anywhere for that matter), make sure you are not the bad traveler that someone will remember for years! Here are a few tips to help prepare you for your travels:


Travel smart with kids.

To avoid being a bad traveler, always pack extra snacks, toys, and anything that will keep your child entertained for the long journey. Listening to a child screaming is never fun, but listening to a child screaming for 7 hours straight while in a confined place is a nightmare.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Would you want a stranger leaning on you or getting too close to you for a long period of time? Most do not, and I can almost guarantee that the person next to you on the plane doesn’t either. If you are going on a long flight and need more space, don’t be a bad traveler; opt for a seat on the plane that offers you more room and save your neighbor from feeling that you are way too close for comfort.

Wear socks to the airport.

Everyone should know by now that TSA makes you remove your shoes while going through the security checkpoints. Being caught barefoot at the airport is not only filthy but also will most likely leave you with smelly feet! There’s nothing worse than the bad traveler with smelly, bare feet who leaves his shoes off for the entire flight.

Be prepared.

Although this tip seems simple, it’s usually the biggest problem for travelers. Many people get to the airport and have no idea what the rules are for baggage and sometimes do not even have the proper identification, which makes for a very bad traveler! Know if you are going to have to pay for a checked bag, know the weight limit, know limits for your carry-on bag, and bring your passport or identification that you need for your trip (and make sure it is not expired). You can find all of this information on the website of the airline you’re flying, on the airport website or on

Tenon Tours’ Customer Center


If you are not prepared, do not scream at those around you for doing their jobs.

There is a time and place for arguments, but the airport is definitely not one of them. Being a bad traveler and arguing with someone from TSA or an airline employee will never get you anywhere, especially if whatever you are arguing about is your fault. If you have to throw your liquid away when going through security or if you need to pay extra because your bag is overweight, don’t get mad, just do it, because either way you will have to do what you are being told and arguing about it will only waste time and frustrate the rest of the travelers in line.

Feeling prepared now? Ireland is a popular summer destination, so pack your bags, grab your passport and take a much needed and deserved
vacation to the British Isles!


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