6 Essential Things To Look For In Ireland Vacation Packages

6 Essential Things To Look For In Ireland Vacation Packages

When you’re traveling to a new place you want to be sure that you are getting a good deal as well as the full experience. Choosing a great Ireland vacation package can make or break your trip and it’s important to chose one that has everything you are looking for. Here are our top six tips on what to look for in Ireland vacation packages.

  1. Transportation
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    Mussenden Temple, Co. Derry, Ireland

    Some people aren’t up for the challenge of navigating a new country by themselves. If you are one of them, make sure to look into if ground transportation is provided once you arrive in Ireland.

    Ireland isn’t a destination where a combined flight and ground transportation package is essential. Most travel companies will provide ground transportation only, and then guidance on finding a flight.

  3. Accommodations
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    Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo, Ireland

    When you plan an Ireland vacation package, your accommodation options are endless, but check ahead of time to make sure they are included in the package price! Ireland has countless hotels, B&B’s, Manor Homes, Farmhouses, Hostels, and even Castles available for visitors to stay in. Check to make sure you have the option to pick what type of accommodation you’d prefer.

    It’s also worth a note to make sure your entire stay is covered, and not just a few select nights. Have independent travel outings in mind? Look into whether the provided accommodation options are in proximity to those locations.

  5. Food/Drink
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    Co. Kerry, Ireland

    Packages that include food and drink throughout the trip can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you know you won’t go hungry in the event that you spend a little too much on Jameson; on the other hand, a plan like that doesn’t allow for selective or adventurous eaters to be satisfied. A good median would be a package that provides certain meals (like breakfast) but leaves the traveler freedom to eat whatever they want for the rest of the day! If a package does include meals, be sure to ask if it can accommodate any dietary needs/restrictions you may have.

  7. Sightseeing
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    Titanic, Co. Antrim, Belfast, Ireland

    It’s not uncommon for packages to not include every single travelers ideal set of sights to see. If you’ve got a few places you want to visit that aren’t included in the package – or as an optional alternative, you’ll want to make sure your vacation package allows for additional independent travel (especially if it’s a guided tour). Sometime the company will help you set up these individual ventures at an additional cost, other times they will just allot time for travelers to have free time.

    Make sure to really read up on the fine print before booking. You wouldn’t want to plan an independent trip and then run into problems with a planned itinerary later. Think you want a totally independent experience? Look into some of our self-drive packages!

  9. Discounts
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    Wicklow Street, Co. Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

    Travel expenses can add up, but some companies offering travel packages will have some discounts available to their travelers. Discounts can range from discounted rates on activities at your destination, shop vouchers, or coupons for the next travel excursion you plan. In some cases these discounts may not be readily advertised, so be sure to ask. We have various discounts that we offer throughout the year, ask one of our personalized travel specialists about our special coupons for Ireland!

    Note: Remember, Ireland uses euros while Northern Ireland uses the pound sterling!

  11. Assistance
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    Lough Dan, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

    Traveling can be a daunting experience for some, if something were to go wrong many people think they will get no assistance so far from home. However, things like travel insurance and a great travel company can help qualm any nerves a globetrotter may have.

    Does the Ireland vacation package you’re looking at include travel insurance, or offer it at a discounted price? If you have a disability do they help you make arrangements to accommodate any issues that may come up? If you’re worried about problems that may arise when you arrive, do they have anyone available to help out, either in the country or via phone/email communications? These are all things you want to figure out before you sign onto any package and hop on a plane!

    Of course, it may seem like a near impossible feat to find the perfect Ireland vacation package as everyone is looking for a different experience. We think that the best kind of package is one you can customize to your needs, that just happens to be our specialty. Interested? Request one our of custom tour quotes or talk to one of our personal travel specialists!

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