Accommodation Expectations

Accommodations in Europe are different than what you’ll find here in America. We’ve compiled a list of things you should know prior to traveling!


Room Sizes

“Super-Sized” definitely does not apply to accommodations in Europe! They’re generally going to be much smaller in comparison with American standards. Blending convenience and luxury with reasonable pricing, Ireland and UK accommodations offer clever and creative solutions that maximize comfort and minimize space.


Bed Sizes

Accommodations and room configurations are assigned based on availability. We cannot guarantee that your room will have a large bed; however, should you prefer a larger bed type, we do recommend upgrading your accommodations. Please note that sometimes a larger bed may just be single/double beds pushed together.



Please note, a Bed and Breakfast is someone’s home. Due to many misconceptions and recent confusion with more current options such as AirBnB, and rental options of an entire property, Tenon Tours would like to make it clear that this accommodation option is a private room in a shared home. Home build dates also vary- they can range from the 1950’s to 2000’s, therefore providing a wide range of quality, decor and configuration. Most B&B’s also have stairs with no luggage handling assistance.
B&B’s are most likely located in the countryside and can be a rare find in city centers. Each property will be unique and each set of hosts may run their home differently than the next. That being said, you will notice the interior decor may be more quirky from what you might find in a hotel. The room sizes and layouts may be smaller in relation to the overall size of the home. Some B&Bs are purpose-built while others were later transformed into a working business. The ensuite bathrooms tend to be more compact and water pressure may not be comparable to our US standards. Please read more to see if B&Bs are right for you by visiting

  • A single room will usually have one twin or double-sized bed. King and/or queen-sized beds are rare for single rooms, but there may be an available upgrade at some – but not all – properties.
  • If you and your travel partner are interested in sharing one bed, you will be placed in a double room that will most likely have a double bed. King and/or queen-sized beds may be an available upgrade at some properties. If you each would prefer to have your own bed, you will be placed in a twin room that will either have two single beds or a double bed and a single bed. Two double beds in the same room are rarely available.
  • Triple Rooms cannot be guaranteed to have a specific bedding arrangements. Arrangements allow for sleeping of 3 people in one room, but the bedding will vary between the availability of each property (some hotels in Europe do not offer any triple room options at all). Bedding can be any combination of double, queen, single beds including cots and sofa beds. Tenon Tours cannot guarantee any set bed arrangements for three travelers as it is at the discretion of each property.



Air conditioning is not as common in Ireland and the UK as it is here in the States as they have typically more temperate climates. Some accommodations will have air conditioning and/or heating units that you can control manually in your room; in other cases, the temperatures may be controlled automatically.

This is especially important to note if you are staying in a Castle or B&B. Some castle hotels are hundreds of years old and installing central temperature units would simply ruin the structure of the building. B&Bs are someone’s home and ultimately the temperature is controlled by the host. You may find some properties have fans or free standing heating units available for guest use as well.



Parking may not always be included with your reservation and may be an additional cost to you as this cannot be prepaid. Parking also may not be offered on site and you may need to walk from the designated lot to your accommodation.



Elevators are not as common in Ireland and the UK as they are here in the States. Some accommodations, especially B&Bs and castles, may not have elevators in the building. Porterage may be offered at specific locations; otherwise, you will be required to handle your luggage on your own.



The standard check-in time for most accommodation types is 3:00 PM. Generally, international flights arrive in the early morning so it’s important to remember that your room likely will not be ready until a few hours after your arrival. Luggage can be stored in a secure area at the accommodation or airport. The standard check-out time for most accommodation types is 11:00 AM.



Accommodations have different breakfast hours and menus. For specifics, check with the front desk or host upon arrival.


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