Bed Sizes in Ireland and the UK

Super Size definitely does not apply to accommodations in Europe.

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Accommodations are generally going to be much smaller in comparison to American standards. Blending convenience and luxury with reasonable pricing, accommodations in Europe offer clever and creative solutions that maximize comfort and minimize space. With accommodations in Europe, cities are small places for a huge population, so space is premium. That’s why many hotels often offer very small rooms in city centers. Europe is old and many of the cities have evolved rather than been planned, so a lot of hotels are converted from older homes or built on awkward plots-coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. So while you think you might be staying in a shoe box sized room, just remember that bigger isn’t always better.

The table below outlines the sizes of beds, the associated name in Ireland, and the approximate equivalent in North America. If you have a particular preference, then please ask your Personal Travel Specialist at time of booking to ensure your satisfaction.


A Double Room is designed to accommodate two people and will have either one double, queen, or king size bed, or two single or double beds, depending on whether you are traveling as a couple or as individuals. At times there may be one double bed and one single bed. Triple Rooms typically have two double beds or a double and a single. Tenon Tours cannot guarantee three separate beds for rooms of three. Hotels assign room configurations based on availability including whether a double, queen, or king bed is provided. Please note, that sometimes a larger bed may just be single/double beds pushed together. It is not always going to be one larger bed like it would be here in the States.

To give you a more in depth look, the following definitions apply to room types:

  • Single Room: A room for 1 person, normally with a twin bed but sometimes there will be a double bed
  • Double Room: A room for 2 people sharing 1 bed, typically a room for couples traveling together
  • Twin Room: A room for 2 people with separate beds, normally two twin beds but sometimes can be two double beds or one of each size
  • Triple Room: Room for 3 people, however not necessarily three beds will be in the room. This means that two people may have to share one bed
  • Superior or Deluxe Room: A larger room but not necessarily with a larger bed. These you will find in your more upscale accommodations and in suites

We hope this helps to set expectations when planning your next Ireland/UK vacation!

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