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Visiting breweries is one of my favorite things to do in Boston. It’s a great tourist activity for friends that are visiting, especially seeing the two big ones: Samuel Adams and Harpoon. Visiting a brewery usually consists of a tour, learning about the process, the beers, and then comes the best part… the tasting!

When visiting Ireland, there’s the GuinnessStorehouse tour and the Jameson Distillery tour (not a brewery, but alcohol-related none-the-less!). Both are very popular tourist attractions. When I first traveled to England, I didn’t have any tours like this on my radar nor even thought about looking up breweries to visit, but now I know that England has many fantastic breweries which would be great additions to any travel itinerary! I’ve gathered up a list of popular breweries for your next trip to England.



Not only does Batemans have great beer, their Victorian Brewhouse is a site you should see all on its own! Brewhouse tours are £4.95 and include samples, and they also offer evening brew hours tours which are £12.50 and include 2 1/2 pint samples and dinner.




Belvoir Brewery was established in 1995 and has been brewing great beers since then. The great thing about this brewery is that some of their tours include all you can drink options for £19.95.


Black Sheep

At only 19 years old, The Black Sheep Brewery has many award-winning ales you’ll need to try. Tours are approximately one hour long, cost £6.95 per person, and at the end you get a glass of your favorite beer at their bar.





Fuller’s started brewing beers in 1845 and since they’ve grown to be one of the country’s largest independent breweries. Their tours are two hours long, cost £10 per person, and they include a full tasting session at the end.






The Ringwood Brewery was founded in 1979 and has been brewing their malted barleys ever since. Tours are about an hour and a half and include one complimentary beer; tours cost £7.50 per person.




St. Peter’s

St. Peter’s Brewery was built in 1996 and brews traditional beers along with other ales such as honey porter and fruit beer. Their tours typically take place on Saturdays and Sundays and cost £5.00 per person.



Once you visit these breweries, you’ll also know which beers you prefer, so when you’re out at the pubs you can order your favorite! This list is just getting you started, but I’d love to hear about any breweries that you’ve already visited in England and how your experience was.

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