By-Your-Side Service℠ TEAM

(Travel Experience and Assistance Managers)

When you choose to travel with Tenon Tours you’re choosing a travel company like no other, why? … By-Your-Side Service℠. Our dedication and attention to your trip wouldn’t be anything without our By-Your-Side Service℠ TEAM (Travel Experience and Assistance Managers). Once your Personal Travel Specialist creates your itinerary you’ll be introduced to a By-Your-Side Service℠ TEAM Member that will also help assist you until you depart then all of our Travel Experience and Assistance Managers will provide support and guidance throughout your trip. We may not be there with you, but you’ll know we’re “by your side”.




(Travel Experience Assistance Managers)

Standard Service Full Service
Flight Assistance
(Additional quotes for a fee)
2 Quote Requests 4 Quote Requests
Travel App Demonstration Limited Access Pro Access
Travel FAQ / Tips
(Luggage, Currency/Money,
Tipping, Phone/Communication,
Weather, Adapters/Converters)
Travel Documents Consultation
Pre-Departure Itinerary Review
Packing Lists
Restaurant Recommendations
On-the-go Tour Recommendations
Concierge Service
(Select hours during travel days)


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