Celebrate Halloween in Derry

Derry (also known as Londonderry) is a city in Northern Ireland known for its 17th-century gated walls (hence the nickname the “Walled City”). A great city for both locals and tourists, Derry is full of charm, history and culture. Throughout the year, it is not visited as much as Belfast or the Giant’s Causeway, however by late October, the streets are full for one reason: celebrating Halloween in Derry.

Halloween in Derry is an incredibly popular time to visit; in fact, hotels reported 99 percent occupancy in 2019! Halloween celebrations in Derry are like no other, with family-friendly festivals running October through November. 


Awakening of the Walls

One of these spook-tacular events is an “Awakening of the Walls,” an illuminated animation trail along the city walls, that is free and open to all ages. 

Carnival Parade

No festival is complete without a parade for the whole family! Derry’s Halloween Parade includes carnival performances from artists, dancers and performers across North Ireland and beyond.

The Heart of Samhain

Wondering what Samhain is? Samhain is a Gaelic festival that signals the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter. During Derry’s Heart of Samhain, the streets are filled with live music, arts and crafts, performances and much more. 

Little Horrors

Calling all kids! At the well-known Guildhall in Derry, Little Horrors is a kid-friendly festival that is full of spooky activities. 

Legenderry Food Village

Eat your heart out! New this year, the Legenderry Food Village features local food from around the city. What’s better than an Irish festival? Irish food and drinks, of course!

Fireworks Finale

Halloween night, experience a fireworks extravaganza over Derry! This is an annual tradition in the city and is not one to be missed – but it would be hard to miss this one!

First Light

As a finale to the Halloween festivities, First Light is full of song, reflection and prayer. Celebrated on November 1 and 2, this is a time to reflect on All Souls Day.


Thinking of spending Halloween in Derry?

This is a popular time to visit, so book your trip today!

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