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It’s no surprise that Ireland was named the no. 1 destination that our travelers plan to visit in 2020. There are many ways to explore and experience this beautiful country, but our most popular trip types are our driving tours of Ireland. Whether you want to do it on your own, or with a private driver, we have everything you need in order to make sure you have the best vacation of your life.


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What is the process of booking driving tours of Ireland?

Our booking process is unique in order to personalize your trip your way. When you first reach out to us, you will be put into contact with one of our sales coordinators to learn more about what you are looking for. Some information to have on hand are the number of people traveling in your party, number of nights abroad, your accommodation preference, specific things you may want to see or do, and whether or not you would prefer to drive yourself or hire a private chauffeur driver.

After this initial conversation, you’ll be assigned a personal travel specialist that will work with you on a detailed proposal and itinerary. Your travel specialist will act as a travel advocate on your behalf, customizing a trip that perfectly fits your needs. A member of our exclusive By-Your-Side Service℠ team will send you all your reservations and confirmations, and will schedule a call with you prior to leaving to ensure that all questions are answered and everything is ready to go. We pride ourselves on being a green company, providing you with all your travel documents via email. You will also have access to our mobile app, which will have easy and convenient access to everything you’ll need. What happens next? You take the best vacation ever!


How Do I Know Which Driving Tour of Ireland is Right For Me?

Choosing the right trip type depends on the experience you want to have. If you are looking for ultimate freedom and flexibility, then a self-drive tour is likely to be a great fit. Our self-driving tours include a rental car, overnight stays in locations of your choosing (as well as accommodations), daily breakfast as well as all accommodation taxes/fees and much more. Our self-drive tours range from 5-nights to 14-nights, giving you the option to see the entirety of Ireland or spend time really getting to know the area you’re in. Our 5-night self-drive tours of Ireland start at $549 per person.

If you are looking for a more guidance on your Ireland vacation, or maybe even a touch of luxury, our chauffeur options are exactly what you’re looking for. Your private chauffeur will guide you through Ireland’s most famed hot spots and highlights as well as hidden secrets. There’s no way to beat the added touch of a knowledgeable local giving you insight into your trip! Our chauffeur tours include a vehicle large enough for your group and luggage, a driver (for either your entire trip duration or just a portion of it – whichever you prefer), daily breakfast, accommodations and much more. As with our self-drive tours, your private driver tour can be anywhere from 5-nights to 14-nights. Our 5-night chauffeur tours start at $1,699 per person.

Keep in mind that the pricing depends on the season, accommodations, rental car choice, etc.

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What will I get to do on my driving tour of Ireland?

At Tenon Tours, we specialize in providing you with a tailor-made experience that completely fits your wants and needs. The things you do on your vacation will be the things you want to do on your vacation. Here are some examples of the types of trips you can plan with us:

Learn more about your options and available driving tours of Ireland packages in 2020 here.


Ready to Start Planning Your Trip?

Our Travel Specialists are ready to craft the perfect Ireland vacation!

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