European Room Types

What to expect and property terminology


How do you know what room configuration is correct for your travel party? We’ve got you covered:


One Traveler: Single Room

Traveling on your own or need your privacy? We get it. Single rooms are available and will have bedding to sleep one person. This may be a single/twin bed or double bed. Single rooms are usually smaller in size when compared to other rooms throughout your accommodation.



Two Travelers: Double -or- Twin Room

Will the two travelers be sharing a bed or need their own? This is important for us to know before you confirm your reservation. If requesting a double room this will default to one bed being booked for your reservation. By normal European standards, the one bed is a double or full sized bed, not a queen or king. If you need two separate beds we will need to request a twin room and by hospitality definition, this a room to sleep two people in separate beds. Bedding can normally be two twin beds but sometimes can be two double beds or one of each size. Bed configuration is not guaranteed and based on availability at the time of check-in.



Three Travelers: Triple Room

Traveling with three people, you will be placed in a triple room which only means the bedding can sleep three people, this does not mean there will be three beds. The bedding configuration could be three twin beds, one twin bed & one double bed, or even two doubles. We do not recommend triple rooms unless you understand they can get very tight when it comes to three people and all of their luggage in such a small space. Triple rooms are not guaranteed to be a larger room than a typical double that is designed for only two occupants. Bed configuration is not guaranteed and based on availability at the time of check-in.



Four travelers: Two (2) Double Rooms (+ Family Options)

It is not possible to book one room for four travelers/adults. You will need to book separate rooms. IF you are traveling as a family and have children some accommodations have special rooms to accommodate this particular configuration and it varies largely between accommodation. Please discuss your group needs with your Personal Travel Specialist.


Hopefully this helps when thinking about rooming configurations for your next trip! Our personal travel specialists are always here to help if you have any questions about how to arrange your accommodations efficiently.


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