Fungi the Dolphin of Dingle

Are any of you venturing to Ireland with Tenon Tours this year?  Will you be traveling to Dingle in County Kerry?  If so, we thought it would be appropriate to share a delightful tale.  Or should we say…, a dolphin tail.

You see, since 1984, a very unique visitor has called Dingle his home.  A special male bottlenosed dolphin, christened Fungi the Dolphin, has been making frequent appearances in Dingle Harbour for almost 30 years!It’s been a mystery to baffled scientists by the fact that Fungi the Dophin rarely, if ever, strays far from the harbour-making his abode in a local cave nearby.Fungi the Dolphin is a curious, playful, and gentle animal.  He constantly comes to wish a céad míle fáilte (A hundred thousand welcomes) to locals and travelers from afar.  There have been hundreds of photos taken with Fungi the Dolphin and he has even been known to surprise and photo bomb sailors.Fungi is self-reliant and prefers to catch his own fish for food.  He has never been fed in order for him to perform or stay in the harbour, and he refuses dead fish from fishermen.

Now that he is fully grown, Fungi the Dolphin will travel regularly with large boats, accompanying them home to shore.  There are many dolphins that come and go into the harbour during the summer months.  And while Fungi will be happy to play with his mates, he never leaves his home of Dingle.  For those lucky enough to brave, the frigid waters, Fungi even loves to play with swimmers!This treasured dolphin has become a true friend and will forever be a part of Dingle’s history.  If you have the opportunity to visit Dingle, make sure you take a picture with the statue dedicated to this incredible dolphin.  Be sure to ask your Tenon Tours Representative about boat trips and swim excursions to see Fungi the Dolphin of Dingle!

Shamoo has nothing on Fungi!  He’s fin-tastic!

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