Guide to Pubs and Pub Etiquette in Ireland & the UK

Taking a

tour of Ireland

means you will probably find yourself in a pub, or two … or six, during the journey.  After all, it’s the thought of having a pint in a snug little pub that attracts quite a few to consider

Ireland tours

.  Pub etiquette, on the other hand, will require you give a thought to what is expected during your

trip to Ireland


What to wear in pubs in Ireland

With pub etiquette, the number one question we’re often asked is what to wear to the pub. In many rural locations, it’s not unusual for a farmer fresh from the fields to stop into the pub for a pint.  We don’t suggest you purposely cover your boots in dung, but we are implying casual is the norm.  Feel free to dress neatly and casually during your
Irish travel.  Pub etiquette in certain pubs will require you to wear shoes.  Sneakers may not be allowed.  Further, after about 9pm, dress may be a bit more formal to allow for dancing or clubbing.

Ordering drinks in pubs

Ordering your drinks is very similar to the U.S.   The bartender will go in order of the patrons at the bar.  In proper pub etiquette, don’t be rude and flash your money.  The bartender knows who came first.  In most cases, they’ll get to you as soon as they can.  You do have to go to the bar for your drinks, so when it gets crowded, mind your pub etiquette and wait your turn.  Not sure what to order?  Check out our top 10 list for drinks in Ireland.

Smoking in pubs in Ireland

Smoking is banned

in any enclosed location throughout Ireland.  Sorry, Laddie, that means no smoking in pubs.  Pub etiquette also dictates you not smoke in a location where you’re blocking the door or entryway.   Your cigarette shouldn’t be flicked into the gutter, either.   Just like in the U.S.  if you plan a

trip to Ireland

, the same rules, basically, apply.

Tipping in pubs in Ireland

In the U.S. tipping is the norm. Our service staff is paid a very small wage which means they rely heavily on tips.  Ireland, on the other hand, pays a reasonable slightly higher rate leaving less of a dependence on tipping when ordering drinks.  At the pub, pub etiquette doesn’t mean you leave a hefty 20%.  Leaving your change or offering a few coins, however, is greatly appreciated (don’t forget that with the currency in Ireland that €1EUR coins can be worth over $1USD).

Tipping in Ireland

is a token of appreciation, not a required sustenance for living.


a good tip normally assures you quick and great service throughout the rest of the night.

Opening and Closing times for pubs

Pubs in Ireland serve until 11:30pm during the week.  The time changes to 12:30am on Friday and Saturday night.   Sunday, a close time of 11pm is standard.  Pubs give you half an hour to finish your drink and leave.   Apparently, it’s acceptable to have a few drinks lined up at the bar at 11:30pm when most pubs stop serving.  You might have to drink at the speed of light but then you’ll be able to join the crowds outside as all the neighborhood pubs close.  Note that discos and nightclubs do stay open until about 2:30am.

As you head out on your

Ireland tour

in search of


, pub etiquette should always travel with you.   Dress casually and


as you feel appropriate.  With these

Ireland travel tips

as your guide, you’ll be just fine.

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