Guinness Fun Facts

Guinness, to be fair, is the most distinct brand of stout world wide.  There are any number of interesting points we could make about Guinness.  Above all, it is an icon of Ireland, were it was founded, and continues to be brewed today.  If you’ve done some

Irish travel

, maybe you’ll recognize these fun facts.

  1. Guinness is a stout.  Stout is a kind of ale.  This gets very confusing.
  2. The distinct dark, rich color of Guinness comes from roasted barley and malt.  Hops was not native to Ireland and had to be imported from England for beer brewing.
  3. The Guinness sign to the right says ‘Guinness is good for you.’  More importantly, beer, thought to prevent diseases, was a huge part of the culture in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
  4. Sir Walter Hugh, the Managing Director of Guinness Brewery in 1951, developed the Guinness Book of World Records.   He had a question he wanted answered: what was Europe’s fastest game bird?
  5. Guinness won’t confirm this, but the distinctive ‘burnt’ flavor of Guinness beer used to come from mixing the aged brew with fresh brewed beer.
  6. Arthur Guinness, founder of Guinness, was only 27 when he laid the foundations for the Guinness brewery.  In 1757 that was considered middle age.
  7. A harp, a

    symbol of Ireland

    , appears on the label of Guinness.  Ireland boasted some of the best harpists in the world, with a new playing style and traditional training … until Elizabeth I had them all executed and the instruments destroyed.  Harp, a popular

    Irish beer

    , was also founded and perfected by the Guinness brewery.
  8. Join the Guinness storehouse for the little known

    Arthur’s Day

    , a day solely dedicated to the founder and beer legend, Arthur Guinness.
  9. In the 1930s, Guinness was the seventh largest company in the world.  Today, it is one of the most notable beer brands world wide, sold in over 100 countries and brewed in 50 countries.  The Guinness storehouse, since opening its doors in 2000, is the number one attraction in Ireland.
  10. Why animals in Guinness advertising?  The Guinness family did not want a campaign that equated with beer, but they did want to emphasize Guinness’s strength and goodness.   In 1935, the advertising agency of S.H. Benson came up with the Toucan, the first in a long series of animal Guinness icons.

Guinness fun facts are as much a part of Irish culture as the limerick.   As you

tour Ireland

, everywhere you go, you’ll be presented with opportunities to appreciate Guinness.   It’s truly remarkable that one brand of Irish beer can evoke so much success from such a little country, isn’t it?


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