Heartbeat of Home – The Next Riverdance?

One of the reasons we love sending people on Ireland vacations is because we find that the music, energy, and culture of a country changes you. Travel is the best way to carve yourself out of that little comfort zone full of what you’ve always known and emerge into a world full of vibrancy, open mindedness and appreciation.

Irish music and dance has become a type of universal language. People relate to the stories; they admire the intricacies of the footwork. If Riverdance introduced the world to Irish dance, then Heartbeat of Home will solidify it as a dominant presence in the dance community.


From the Heartbeat of Home website:

Created by the Producers and Director of Riverdance,

Heartbeat of Home

is a music and dance spectacular featuring the vibrant, dynamic components of traditional Irish, Latin and Afro-Cuban music and dance. The world-class cast of thirty-seven includes a ten-piece band creating a new and electrifying sound written by award-winning, Golden Globe nominated composer Brian Byrne.

What we’re most excited about is the integration of different styles of music and dance. You have trained Afro-Cuban dancers actually participating in the Irish dance sections of the show, and vice versa. It’s a modernized Riverdance. And I dare anyone to claim that dancers aren’t professional athletes when you look at some of the ways they’re able to move their bodies. And those muscles. And those arms. Heavens. Phew. Enough swooning for today.

Heartbeat of Home
will be at the Wang Theatre in Boston from March 26 – April 6, 2014. For a sneak peek at the show, check out the video below.

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