Hiring a Private Driver

Are you considering hiring a private driver for your next vacation?

Here’s what you’ll need to know.


Tenon Tours’ private chauffeur tours offer more guidance, a touch of luxury and local knowledge. Your private driver will guide you from place to place, giving you insight into your trip!

We offer chauffeur tours in each of our destinations:


What is a chauffeur?

A chauffeur is a private driver. With Tenon Tours, your chauffeur will take you from point A to point D, with stops at B and C along the way. They’ll provide you with guidance as to where you are and what you’re seeing. Your chauffeur will double as a licensed guide, providing you with information regarding sites, history and/or stories during the drive. They are also great resources for restaurant suggestions, the best driving routes, local secrets, current events, ideal times to visit attractions and more.


What are the advantages of hiring a chauffeur?

Many travelers find the biggest advantage of hiring a private driver to be to enjoy your vacation worry-free. You won’t need to worry about driving in another country or staying out too late the night before and not being able to stay awake on the road. Another benefit is that because they’ll be with you between your travels, they can likely answer any questions you may have about the area.


Will the chauffeur be available 24/7?

When hiring a private driver, your rate is based on 8 hours of transferring and touring. Private drivers are legally only allowed to work for 8 hours per day. Chauffeur drivers are also limited to 7 consecutive days of traveling. A relief driver may be required for periods longer than 8 hours or 7 days.


What is included in a private chauffeur tour?

Your private driver quote will include a vehicle large enough for your group and your luggage, fuel, tolls (unless otherwise stated) as well as accommodation and meals for your driver.


What about the vehicle?

The vehicle chosen will have enough space allotted for one standard-sized suitcase and carry-on per person. If you or someone in your group plans on bringing a suitcase larger than the standard size, we ask that you inform us ahead of time so we can quote a larger vehicle. You may also hire a second car for transporting luggage.

Tenon Tours works with multiple chauffeur partners in order to make sure we can fulfill your request to the best of our ability. Your chauffeur company and driver will be selected at the discretion of Tenon Tours based on availability, your itinerary request and your start and end locations. Vehicle types may differ from partner to partner, but as a guideline we have vehicles to accommodate up to 55 passengers.


What do I need to know about budgeting and tipping?

Pricing is subject to custom requests and based on travel season, group size and region. Tips are not included in your quote and are at your own discretion; standard industry averages would suggest 8-15 Euros or Pounds per person, per day (roughly $10-$15 USD).


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