How to Plan the Cheapest Possible Ireland Vacation


It’s hard not to grit my teeth when I mention the

cheapest possible Ireland vacation

. All said and done, Ireland is just a pricey country.

Unlike other parts of the world, you simply can’t enjoy your experience in the same way when budget is the only concern. Therefore, while we can certainly give you all the advice you need for the cheapest possible Ireland vacation, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.


First things first, you’ll want to

book your flight during the off-season

. From about November until April plane ticket prices will be much lower (with some exceptions for holidays). A ticket that costs $700 in July may cost $400 to $500 in November.

If you check the Irish weather, you’ll note what makes this period the off-season: it is cold, wet and rainy. Fog and mist can keep you from seeing a lot of the green beauty of Ireland. And there’s no place like the Emerald Isle when everything is green in Spring and Summer. That being said, the Irish winters aren’t like New England winters. You’ll most likely see temperatures in the upper-40s to 50s with periods of rain, but more than likely you won’t see any snow.


Before attempting to

plan an itinerary to Ireland

, think about where you’d like to stay and how far you’d like to travel around the country. Staying within city limits will allow you to use buses and trains for local excursions. They are significantly cheaper than taxis, too.

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Outside of major cities it is very rural, with extremely limited public transportation. If you want to spend time in a quaint farming village, you’ll need to consider renting a car. And here are where transportation costs start to vary.

You will pay for the Ireland car insurance plus high fuel prices for anywhere you want to go. So, lots of driving will push your budget higher. Not to fret: driving yourself to the hidden corners and curves of Ireland is still cheaper than a

private car/driver




In Ireland, there are a few basic types of accommodations: hostels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, manor homes and castles. Decide what you are willing to tolerate (i.e. out of the way locations, shared bathrooms, dorm beds, etc.) before you pick your accommodation type.

Of course, hostels are the cheapest possible Ireland vacation lodging. You will be given a dorm-style (i.e. bunk) bed for a set price per person. You sleep in a room with other people, giving you very little control over your neighbors and their cleanliness. There are often strict rules, for example, when the kitchen is available for cooking. But, hey, at $25 to $30 a night per person, who’s complaining?

Here’s an insider tip, too: If you’re traveling with a friend, you may want to take a look at the cost of the smallest room possible in a bed and breakfast. Sometimes one bed in a room with a private bathroom is cheaper than two of you at a hostel (unless you like hostel breakfasts.)


For the

cheapest possible Ireland vacation

, you’ll need to get off the beaten path. You should look for small pubs that serve the Irish locals. Also, stay out of the touristy sections of town where prices are falsely inflated (i.e. go a few blocks in any direction to find less popular places where the food is cheaper.)

Of course, you can also choose to pop into a grocery store and buy a few things for cooking at a hostel. This is the best way to save on food costs. Buy snacks or sandwich stuff for lunches or dinners so you can skip buying meals out.

Whichever way you choose to travel, it’s always a good idea to have the basics of your trip booked in advance at the very least – accommodations and transportation being the biggest parts. What are some of your tricks for traveling on a budget?



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