Ireland Groupon Deal: 6 Shocking Details You Need to Know Before You Buy


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The Ireland Groupon deal says $999 for seven days. Wow. It includes a car and flight. Nice. You

fly direct to Dublin

. Cool.  I’ll admit it: I’m totally roped in.

I mean, when you see that kind of package, you’ve got to keep reading, right? After all, it costs $700 to $900 just to fly to Ireland during peak seasons. Get that? During peak seasons.

So, before you do what many many many Ireland Groupon deal buyers do, it’s important that you understand the details about your trip.

  1. What time of year are you traveling?

    The lowest rate for your Ireland Groupon deal is typically about $999. You’ll want to see what time of year this is. Typically, the weather can be cold, unpredictable and rainy on the Emerald Isle during this time of year. Keep in mind that due to fickle

    Irish weather

    , some places close during the winter months. Tourist attractions, bed and breakfasts, or major scenic points are all affected by the cold temperatures.

  2. Do you have to purchase two Ireland Groupon deals?

    That’s right; a single supplement may cost up to $600 if you’re traveling alone or you must buy another groupon for a travel partner when you’re sharing the same room. The company doesn’t usually make amends to try and room you with someone either. Consider

    Tenon Tours Singles Trip

    if you want to avoid a hefty fee

  3. Where are you flying out of?

    Getting yourself to the Ireland Groupon deal airport location (plus parking for the duration) can easily add a few hundred dollars. Let’s not forget you also need to spend a few extra hours in transport. By the time you factor in your time (maybe taking extra time from work, too) and train or drive time, it’s sometimes not as convenient as you think to score one of these deals.

  4. Is the rental car


    a good deal?

    OK, so I almost got sucked in by a $999 deal that included the rental car and a five night say in a hotel. Then my savvy friend reminded me that

    car insurance that is required to rent a car in Ireland

    wasn’t included in this cost. Ireland Groupon deals also might specify a manual transmission, so unless you can drive stick shift, be careful what you sign up for. Automatic rental cars can cost a hefty upgrade.

  5. How much of Ireland do you want to see?

    One flight to one city to one hotel is easy to plan yourself. However, if you plan to drive your car all over the Emerald Isle, you’re looking at quite a bit of additional time and cost. Though Ireland seems small and drive-able in a short period of time the roads are not as complex as they are in North America. If venturing to the south, north or west, you’ll spend at least 6-8 hours in the car traveling and touring, plus needing to get back to your Dublin hotel each night. Also remember to budget for

    gas prices in Ireland

    , petrol in Europe is more pricey than the U.S..

  6. Does the Ireland Groupon deal include your meals?

    Read carefully to ensure you know how much additional cost meals may add to your budget. Most

    Ireland tour packages

    include at least an

    Irish breakfast

    at your hotel- a hefty one at that. You won’t have access to a kitchen in your hotel, so plan on at least two meals a day plus snacks while you’re on the road.

    Gastropubs in Ireland

    are great places to try.

Of course, we want you to have the best possible

Irish travel experience

. So, it’s important you consider all the factors associated with your Irish Groupon deal. If you don’t, you might just find it’s not as good of a deal as you think, right?

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