Ireland is a Bargain Place to Fly this Summer

Have you been looking for tours to Ireland this summer? Well…, Tenon Tours has some great news for you! Ireland is a bargain place to fly this summer.

Two years ago, $1.50=€1. Now, in May of 2013, $1.30=€1. The US economy seems to be on the rebound, while many European countries are beginning to face difficulties. With the dollar gaining strength against the Euro, Americans are gaining a new sense of confidence to spend more money and travel further.

The Emerald Isle has always been a popular destination, especially since 2013 is the year of The Gathering . There will usually be an average of three-six flights a day between the US and Ireland this summer, with the number of seats sold already up 20%. Compared to the rest of Europe, where trans-Atlantic flights are up only a mere 2.8% according to Airline/Aircraft Projects Inc. A drastic contrast-making Ireland a travel destination high in demand and a bargain place to fly this summer.


The Wall Street Journal/Illustration by Dave Whamond

According to Scott McCartney from the Wall Street Journal, over the first week in July, reported showing nonstop roundtrip tickets between New York and Dublin less than $1,100 on Aer Lingus and American. Meanwhile, the cheapest roundtrip ticket from New York to London for the same dates was $1,263 on Virgin Atlantic and from New York to Paris was $1,446 on United.

So, dust off your passport and take a vacation to Ireland with Tenon Tours. You won’t be disappointed and you will probably save money as Ireland is a bargain place to fly this summer! Bon voyage!

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