Ireland Takes Measures to Increase Tourism

With the economic situation in Europe looking not-so-hot for the summer travel season, Ireland’s Finance Minister, Michael Noonan, has taken measures to make a trip to Ireland a bit more enticing to foreign tourists.  In addition to eliminating the 3 Euro air travel tax, or VAT, Noonan has also relaxed short-term visa requirements, making it much easier for travelers from countries around the world to visit the Emerald Isle.

The VAT on hotel stays, restaurants and other goods and services related to tourism has also been reduced from 13.5 percent down to just 9 percent in hopes of lowering rates for visitors and increasing commerce for Irish businesses.

What do these changes mean for Tenon Tours travelers?  It may be too soon to tell what impact they’ll have.  But with any luck if you’re planning to travel to Ireland this summer you may just find yourself with a few more Euros in your pocket to spend at the pub!

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