Ireland Travel Advisory – Volcanic Ash Cloud



: No disruption has been reported for airspace over Ireland.  Some delays may be expected due to canceled and delayed flights in the UK.  Please check with your airline directly for all current updates.

A “red zone” has been claimed over Scottish airspace where ash has been classified “high-density” as invented by the Met Office and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  The Met Office said the ash had reached northern Scotland and would spread across much of the UK by the end of the day.  But forecasters said changing wind patterns make it hard to predict its exact path and concentrations would vary between regions.

When can planes fly through ash?

  • During last year’s disruption, the advice was for planes to avoid the ash at all costs
  • Since then, the CAA has worked towards a better understanding of what engines can take
  • There are now three recognised levels of ash concentration
  • Low: 0 to 0.002 grammes per cubic metre
  • Medium: 0.002 to 0.004 grammes per cubic metre
  • High: Over 0.004 grammes per cubic metre
  • There are no restrictions on flying in low ash concentration
  • However if an airline wants planes to fly through medium or high concentration ash, it must put forward a “safety case” to the CAA showing they have assessed whether the aircraft will be able to cope
  • The safety case includes information from a series of tests and from consultations between the airlines and plane manufacturers

Tenon Tours advises the purchase of optional Travel Insurance, available with all travel packages offered by Tenon Tours, please ask your sales representative.

Current Update released by Travel Guard:

Insurance would have to have been purchased on or before 05/21/11 for coverage.


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