Traveling with a Gluten Allergy

Gluten-Free-Travel-guide.jpgGluten-Free-Card1.jpgAre you planning to travel to Ireland with a gluten allergy and need a gluten free menu? As Ireland has one of the highest populations of coeliac sufferers in the world there is a good awareness of Coeliac disease throughout the country. The Irish are known as the most welcoming and accommodating and this is no different. Many restaurants in Ireland offer gluten free items or a coeliac menu, however if they do not have a specific menu or listed items simply advising your server of your gluten allergy will be welcomed and they will work with the chef to let you know of how they can provide you with suitable options.

To ensure a stress-free

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while traveling with a gluten allergy Tenon Tours, along with the Coeliac Society of Ireland & Celiac Travel, will provide you with a Celiac / Coeliac Gluten Free Restaurant Card to present to your servers (who should present them to the chef) and a website with restaurant listings by location with Coeliac options. Tenon Tours will also note your gluten allergy with all of your accommodation bookings so that there are breakfast options available for you.



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