Irish Breweries and Ireland Beer Tour Attractions

Beer, beer, beer…  Chant with me now.  Beer, beer, beer…  If you’re a lover of beer, you’ll want to see all the Irish breweries and Ireland beer tour attractions you can while you’re in Ireland. We’ve tried to establish an
Irish beer guide for you.   The thing is, when it comes to Irish breweries, we want to make sure we hit a few microbrew suggestions too.  Craft brews creation and consumption is rising in Ireland, so you may want to check it out during your trips to Ireland.  Yes?

While there are many red ales, lagers, and stouts you can try, you should also keep in mind you can’t necessarily tour all the Irish breweries.  Following, please find a few of suggestions for Ireland beer tour attractions.


Guinness Storehouse & Brewery

As Irish breweries are concerned, let’s just get Guinness out of the way.  The largest, most successful brand of beer in Ireland, arguably, the world, Guinness Storehouse is located in Dublin.  You do not, however, get to tour the brewery itself.  It’s important you make a little note of that before you go.  As Irish breweries go, Guinness has an incredible history which is sure to impress any Irish traveler.

Beamish and Crawford

They’ve used the same yeast since 1792, making them one of the oldest Irish breweries.  They are in County Cork and offer a stout beer.  It’s owned by Scottish &  Newcastle.  Find them at South Main Street in the City of Cork.

Carlow Brewing Company

This Irish brewery makes O’Hara’s.  Find them on Royal Oak Road in County Carlow.  They brew about seven beers so, yeah, as Irish breweries go, you’re going to leave this one happy.  Very happy.

The Celtic Brewing Company

For Irish breweries, this beer tour attraction is only for die hards.  It was founded in 1997, so no historical craziness here.  It’s a true Irish microbrewery:  they don’t have a website.  They do brew Moser’s and Finians, though.  You decide if an adventure to Enfield Industrial Estate in County Meath works in with your Irish travel.

The Franciscan Well Brewery

The incredible story of the Franciscan well this Irish brewery sits on is reason enough to visit.  They say it has curative powers so people would travel from near and far to visit it.   You’ll have to settle for beer in this County Cork brewpub.  Other Irish breweries might be more well known, but this one exudes old school charm.  Its at 14 North Mall.

The Great Northern Brewery (Harp Lager and Smithwicks)

They say this is the second largest of the Irish breweries.  It’s in Dundalk, Ireland and was purchased by Guiness in 1959.  Go ahead, stop by the Carrick Road location.  Confusingly, the Guinness parent company, Diageo, threatened to shut down this brewery in 2013.  Even though no changes have been made yet, you’ll want to ask a guide before you visit this Ireland beer tour attraction.

In discussing Irish breweries, it’s also hard to differentiate between the true Ireland beer tour attractions and tiny little microbreweries you might have to ask around to find.  You see, most don’t have a website.  Guinness was actually so successful as a beer company, it’s reported to have choked out many of the other, smaller breweries.

Further, there’s a difference in brew pubs, like Acton’s Pub on the stunning County Wicklow estate, and true Irish breweries that make and sell their own beer.  (Biddy Early Brewpub is another one that might or might not make your list.)  You decide what degree of adventure you’re willing to embark on during your Ireland beer tour.   We’ve only suggested a few here to get you started.  Beer, beer, beer…


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