Irish Furniture Film Shines at Sundance

Who would have thought a film about Irish furniture would be so popular? But sofa, so good!

Irish Folk Furniture, a short Irish documentary made by Director Tony Donoghue, has won the prize for Best Animation at the Sundance Film Festival.

The short movie, which was funded by the Irish Film Board, focuses on Irish furniture made in rural Ireland and features animation where objects appear to move by themselves. It was made after ten years of research and Donoghue said he focused on his local community in Tipperary. “The film was shot using a €150 camera from eBay and was totally a community based project. Over the course of the film we take 16 items, restore them and give them back to the farmers. Older farmers tend to not want to put them into the house. But younger farmers tend to be more interested,” said Donoghue.

It’s a charming tale that focuses on the cultural and social history of Irish furniture around farmhouses. It truly brings the stories of objects alive, while focusing on a humorous edge.

Take a few moments to watch it-you won’t be disappointed.  When you are driving in Ireland, make sure to pay attention to all of those chairs, dressers, and tables around farmhouses.  I’m sure that Irish furniture would have some story to tell-only if it could talk.

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