It’s Official! Introducing the Tenon Tours Tartan


A thank you to the designers at Geoffrey (Tailor) Highland Crafts, as of February 14, 2014 Tenon Tours has officially registered a new corporate tartan into The Scottish Register of Tartans. The design and tartan was revealed to the President and CEO of Tenon Tours, Bryan Lewis, during the annual company Kickoff Meeting in December, a surprise that generated a very simple statement of “this is so awesome.”

If you’re interested, the history of kilts and kilt tartans are explained more in our kilt blogs here.

The Tenon Tours Tartan was designed with specific colors that we felt helped represent the company best:

Yellow, Black & White were used to tie in the colors of the Tenon Tours logo.


was selected to represent the landscape of the countries we offer tours to:  Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.


was used to tie in a cultural element, a color we associate with the pubs you’ll find around these countries as well our own personal pub we designed in the Tenon Tours office (which was also voted as one of the World’s Coolest Offices, not to brag or anything).


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