MiFi Rental – Unlimited Wireless Internet for International Travel


Travel abroad free from data roaming charges, in over 60 countries!

MiFis are personal, handheld WiFi hotspots that provide you with 3G internet access anywhere in Europe. You can keep any smartphone, laptop or tablet connected for less than $10 per day. Each MiFi can handle up to 5 devices at a time – perfect for your small group tour. Plus – they’re tiny! They can easily fit into a pocket or a purse.

We’re thrilled to announce MiFi rentals at Tenon. We’ve been offering GPS and mobile phone rentals since the beginning, but now we’re able to take your connectivity to the next level. With personal Wi-Fi access, you can use the maps on your phone plus enable a number of ways to call and text on the go. Learn more about using your phone abroad here.



Here are some of the fabulous features of our Mi-Fi rentals:



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