Insider’s Scoop on the Dingle Irish Whiskey Distillery

I spy with my little eye a very exciting opportunity for the true Irish whiskey aficionado. For a very limited time, investors, or founding fathers, have the opportunity to purchase a cask of whiskey from the Dingle Distillery, a new Irish whiskey facility located in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland.

The brand-spanking-new Irish whiskey distillery is the first purpose-built location in Ireland in over 200 years. While it may be hard to believe, there hasn’t been a single building dedicated to Irish whiskey making in centuries. (Even if poteen was a popular part of home brewing.)

The Dingle Distillery was founded by Oliver Hughes. And we definitely owe him props for also developing the Porterhouse Microbrewery and pub chain in 1996. He’s hired John McDougall, a Scottish (Scotch) whisky expert to consult on the distillation process, as well.

While production of Irish whiskey started in November 2012 when the distillery opened, the facility is only expected to produce two casks of whiskey a day. Each cask will need to age for four to five years before it’s ready for sale to the public.

In the interim, the Dingle Distillery should be treating us to gin and vodka, two quick-turn spirits that will keep business abuzz
dingle-irish-craft-gin.jpg until the Irish whiskey is ready. The catch?

You’ll only be able to buy Dingle Distillery products locally in Porterhouse pubs and regional bars. Once the Irish whiskey is ready, however, it has bigger plans for export to the U.S., Canada and Britain.

Okay, so,  as I mentioned above, here’s where you come in: for a very limited time (and we do mean extremely limited) you have the opportunity to purchase a cask of Irish whiskey from an ex-bourbon, ex-French, or ex-port cask for the bargain price of about $7,700 USD. That’s right, there’s only 500 of these babies going up for purchase, so you’ll need to hurry.

And since we at Tenon Tours take our Irish whiskey very seriously, I’m going to sweeten the deal by telling you a wee bit more about this fine quality product in the making at Dingle Distillery. There are only three distilleries in Ireland. However, Dingle Distillery, with your help, will be the only Irish-owned.

The other two are corporations, whereas Dingle Distillery is designed to produce to a fine quality single malt small-batch Irish whiskey. So, if you hurry and buy today, you’ll be participating in a very special Irish whiskey treat.

Finally, keep in mind that Dingle is the Western most point in Europe. Not only will your very own cask of Irish whiskey be produced by the Western most distillery in Europe, it will also benefit from Dingle’s weather. The Irish weather in Dingle is affected by the Gulf Stream pushing through a warm breeze, making temperatures ideal for the maturation of Irish whiskey.

All we ask is that when you return from your trip to Ireland, you invite us over for a glass or three of your delectable beverage purchase. After all, it was Tenon Tours who let you know the insider’s scoop on the Dingle Distillery. Slainte!


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