Gracie Gadler | Groups & Special Events Manager | Delaware

Gracie’s traveled to 15 countries (Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, Spain, France, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the Caribbean), but her hands-down favorite is Italy. So much so that when asked if she could spend a week anywhere in the world, her reply? Italy, of course! But during the Christmas season, to satisfy her Christmas obsession. Although she feels she still has so much of Italy to visit, it’s no surprise she definitely has some great insights on what to see, and of course, where to eat!

A small town girl from upstate New York, Gracie’s love of travel wasn’t truly discovered until her senior trip in high school. After graduating with her degree in Business Administration and certification in Wedding and Event Planning, Gracie traveled as much as possible. Her first stop in Europe was—you guessed it—Italy, for her now husband’s birthday. A self-proclaimed wine aficionado and a FBI (full blooded Italian), Gracie embraced each slice of gluten-free pizza, Venetian spritz, and of course every glass of wine. A member of our By-Your-Side Service℠ TEAM (Travel Experience and Assistance Managers) since 2018, Gracie hopes to travel to every destination currently pinned on her Pinterest board one day.

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Food For Thought
Gracie’s favorite part about traveling is the food. She loves trying new food, and will give anything and everything a fair try at least once (as long as it’s gluten free!) She also loves learning about the different cultures and traditions that each new place has to offer.


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