Rachel Dorsey | Personal Travel Specialist | Chicago, IL

Ireland is Rachel’s happy place. As soon as she sees Ireland from the plane, she feels like she’s returned home. She’s been known to spend months there and has even flown over for a traditional music festival just for a weekend. But home for Rachel was a small town where going overseas was out-of-the-ordinary. Regular geography and history talks with her grandfather and a serious Jane Austen obsession led to a study abroad semester in Cambridge, England. From there, she was hooked. She backpacked Asia and the Pacific Rim for four months before living in Japan for a year. And when she got back she knew her calling—a position in travel—and she’s been happily planning international experiences for others ever since!

Spending a week in the Pyrenees, relaxing, hiking and waiting for the Tour de France to pass by is on her bucket list, but in the meantime, she loves working with travelers who have the inspiration and the passion to visit somewhere but just need some guidance with sorting through all of the options. Taking fleeting thoughts and dreams and putting them into an itinerary, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

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