Plans for Titanic II Set Sail

images-111.jpegIt looks like the Titanic. It’s supposed to feel like the Titanic. But most importantly, it won’t sink like the Titanic.

Australian billionaire, Clive Palmer, recently unveiled plans for Titanic II. His blueprints are an exact replica of that ill-fated 1912 cruise liner. Like the original, plans for Titanic II will feature four rear slanted tunnels, a grand staircase, a gymnasium, a smoking room, and Turkish Baths. It will even be segregated into three different classes-from luxury to steerage.

However, plans for Titanic II will have some modern additions. Complete with full air-conditioning, high speed internet, a helicopter landing pad, and a small hospital. It will even have a crew of 900 looking after almost 2,500 passengers. Wait, don’t forget-more than enough lifeboats and lifejackets for everyone on board!

Plans for Titanic II are set to launch in 2016 and mimic the exact same route of the original ship-from Southhampton to New York.

Palmer said that he has already received offers of up to $1 million for tickets. Do you think that’s the steerage price? I wonder what the price for the deck chairs would be? If Leo is going to be there, maybe Bryan Lewis will splurge for the team to join the journey.

For those that are superstitious about repeating history you might be a little hesitant to make the voyage. However, for those history buffs, it could be the trip of a lifetime. Why don’t you gear up for 2016 by taking a vacation to Ireland, visiting the Titanic Museum, and seeing where the unsinkable ship that sunk was built in Belfast.

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