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The options to create your own custom fitness and adventure tour are endless. From private gym rentals to joining local fitness classes, sunrise yoga to sunset spa treatments, martial arts to boxing, fun and unique fitness options to adrenaline pumping adventure excursions – it’s up to you!


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Adventure & Adrenaline Options:

Water Sports:

Whether you spend your weekends in your wetsuit or aren’t sure where to start- our destinations offer various types of water sports for various experience levels. Some experiences may include:
-Gorge Walking
-White water rafting
-Standup Paddle Boarding and more!


Off-Road Driving Courses:

From old school to top-of-the-line Land Rover there are various off-road driving experiences available. Maneuver up and down hills and rocks or watch the car basically control itself down a rocky incline- both options are bound to make you want to try it again and again.


Via Ferreta:

Clipped in via harness to a wire, a via ferrata ―an Italian term which means ‘iron path’― is a protected climbing route, built with a steel cable rail fixed to the rock, metal steps, ladders, suspension bridges and zip wires. If you’re not a climbing pro, aren’t afraid of heights and in good physical condition this may be one challenge you don’t get the chance to try just anywhere.


Indoor Sky Diving:

Summary Gear up in your jumpsuit, goggles, and helmet, and experience flight in a fun and safe environment. Fly without harnesses in a vertical wind tunnel chamber which is powered by a stream of air generated by fans underneath the floor.


Hill Rally:

Hop into an all-terrain Land Rover and travel at competitive speeds as you follow the rough terrain on an off road track. If you are in good health and are searching for a unique, racing experience, this is the one for you.


Sky Swing:

Harnessed into a swing and winched back to a thrilling height, it’s up to you to pull the lever to release yourselves to soar high into the sky.



Strap yourselves safely into a huge inflatable ball and tumble at great speed along the hillside. Originating in New Zealand, zorbing is a prime activity if you are looking for an adrenaline rush.


Quad Trekking:

Equipped with safety gear and under the guidance of an experienced instructor, quad trekking is the perfect off road adventure. You will be guided through forests, in to the hills or along rivers on quad bikes which are an ATV-style vehicle. br>


Kite Landboarding:

Kite landboarding is the perfect activity for someone who wants to experience the adrenaline and force of kitesurfing without getting wet. These landboards are similar to a skateboard with larger wheels.


Drop Zone:

Try your hand at free fall stunt jumping for an adrenaline rush! There will a low platform for learning and a high platform to test out your new skills.


Human Slingslot:

Strap yourself safely into a harness attached to a long bungee sling and be pulled backwards by a motorized vehicle before being catapulted forward. If you are a daredevil looking for an immense thrill and aren’t afraid of heights, this is a wonderful opportunity for you.


Blindfolded Driving Courses:

Your group will take turns behind the wheel of your Landrover, guiding each other through an off road obstacle course. Under the supervision of your instructor, the blindfolded driver will be completely dependent on the other passengers for directions.



Over land and water, your instructor will lead you through the basics and will help you to learn the skills to fly your hovercraft. This unique machine is a mix between boat and plane with a rubber bottom and a giant fan in the back.


Clay Shooting:

Get matched with an expert instructor to learn gun safety and aiming techniques as you shoot your inanimate clay objects out of the sky. No shooting experience needed!



Reveal your courage in this competitive shooting sport as you eliminate opposing team members by shooting them with dye-filled capsules.


Ropes Courses:

Test your limits of balance and strength with a rope obstacle course in the trees. A full body harness and helmet are provided and you are protected by a safety rope at all times.



This fun and accessible sport can be enjoyed by the entire group. Learn from an experienced instructor aiming techniques and how to safely handle your bow while shooting at targets set at specified distances or on a field course.


Axe Throwing:

Learn from your instructor how to safely and successfully hurl an axe at a throwing board. Then test your technique under the eye of your instructor by competing against members of your group.


Climbing Walls:

Experience indoor climbing on artificially created vertical or overhanging walls. With a variety of different hold distances and routes, this sport offers nearly endless challenges for new and experienced climbers.


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Move and get your fitness on:

Fitness Classes:

Whether you want to join a class at a local gym or rent a facility for only your group you’ll find various fitness class options that may include:
-Bands & Bosu’s
-Strength Training/Weights/Lifting
-Core, Cardio & Abs


Spin / Cycling:

This fun, heart-pumping workout will make you feel the burn as you saddle up on a stationary bike and pedal through challenging movements to the beat of a lively playlist!



This high intensity workout combines weightlifting with bodyweight movements including burpees, push-ups, jump rope, pull-ups, running, and more!


Gaelic Games / Rugby / Hurling & More!

Learn more about the cultural sports we may not see or experience in North America. Whether you’d like to go to a live match or participate in an instructional lesson we can make it happen.


Yoga / Aerial Yoga:

Looking to zen out while on vacation? Yoga is the perfect way to combine mindful breathing techniques with muscle strengthening moves. Whether you’re on a mat or in the air, there’s no better way to relieve stress and challenge your body.


Pilates & Barre:

Enjoy a low-impact exercise focusing on flexibility, endurance movements, and muscular strength!


Trampoline Classes:

Bounce away the calories on both large group and individual trampolines as you workout to the beat during an instructed class.


Boxing / Boxercise:

Channel your inner Muhammad Ali as you experience a variety of moves and techniques that are utilized by all of the greats. Shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, and more are to be expected in a safe and fun environment!



Hang tight and defy gravity! This suspension training uses your own body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability.


Silent Disco Fitness:

Grab your travel partner(s) and join in on the fun of a silent disco fitness class! Put on your headphones and work out to the beat in a high energy, calorie blasting class while viewing some amazing sights along the way.


Pole Dancing:

Take to the pole and soar to new fitness heights while having fun and learning aerial strength skills, inversions, spins, and more!



Pound your drumsticks to the beat during this full body cardio-jam session. It’s a unique and energizing way to sweat!



Looking to meet new people and engage in a fun and social team games? Look no further! Rabble games including childhood favorites like Capture the Flag, Frisbee, and Dodgeball covers different fitness levels and skills all the while leaving you sweaty and smiling.


Ninja Courses:

Channel your inner ninja! There’s no better way to challenge your agility and endurance than through the strategic placement of various obstacles inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training, and free style movements.



Get off-the-beaten-path and immerse yourself into the local countryside! There are hikes for all fitness levels, many of which with stunning views around every corner and ample photo opportunities along the way.



Join a bike tour through rolling mountains to view the panoramic scenery or zip through the city like a local!


Running / Mud Runs / Color Runs / Marathons:

Long distance or short- there’s a running option for you. Participate in competitive races or just do it for fun through mud and/or colored powder & paint.


Obstacle Courses (Land & Water):

Jump, climb, and crawl your way through a series of physically challenging obstacles while being timed. Compete solo or as a part of a team!



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Spa TenonGeneral

Unique Experiences:


Construction Yard Park Experience:

Let that inner kid out to play when you operate REAL heavy machinery at a construction-themed amusement park.


Escape Rooms:

Participate in a real-life adventure game with your team who will assemble in a themed room and have an hour to complete your mission and “escape”. Find hidden clues, solve challenging puzzles, and work together to break free!


Local Dancing Lessons / Ceilidh Dancing:

Experience local culture by taking a ceilidh dance lesson! Ceilidh is a social event native to Scotland and Ireland involving traditional folk music and dancing where couples take turns dancing in rhythm and switching off in synchronized movements. Many movements are similar to that of American square dancing.


Segway Tours:

Are you looking for a unique way to explore the city? Hop on a Segway – a personal transportation device – and follow your guide through the city streets to hit all of the major landmarks with comfort and ease!


Highland Games:

Mix culture, fun and a bit of fitness by participating in some traditional Highland Game activities in Scotland.


Non-Adventure/Fitness Experiences to add:

Local Food Tour:

Step away from the hustle and bustle of chain restaurants and eat like a local with your fun and informative guide on this tasty tour!


Spa Treatments:

Indulge and unwind with your choice of a wide array of spa treatments including massages, facials, aromatherapy treatments, steam rooms, and more!


Beverage Tours – Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries:

Sample local brews, spirits, and wines on a variety of tours suitable for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike! You can also combine your drink of choice with some of our fitness tour options such a Brewery Bike Tour.


Day Tours – Local Sights & Attractions:

You don’t want to travel all the way to a new destination without taking in some of the local sights and popular attractions. Arrange some touring as a group or split up and join a local day tour of your choice- something for everyone!


Team Building:

Leave the conference room table at home. Travel with your team and create stronger relationships and improve your strategic planning by participating in specially designed team versions of virtual reality, escape rooms, blind driving games, sporting events and more.



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Standard Twin KCS Inclusions Screen Shot    at

Available Inclusions:

  • Premiere Accommodations
    • City-Center or Rural Options available
      • Double, Single & Triple occupancy
        (Rooms for 4 adult travelers are not available)

      • Room Upgrades can be added per traveler
      • Amenities may include: Hotel Bar, Restaurants, Spas, Fitness Centers, Indoor Pool & more
  • Transportation:
    • Round-Trip Group Flights to ensure your group travels and arrives together for one set price
    • Arrival & Departure Airport Transfers
    • Various transportation options including: coach bus, trains, flights & ferry
  • Design your own itinerary:
    • Pre-paid and quick entry to popular attractions
    • Various Food Tours (Drink Package Upgrades Avail.)
    • Daily Fitness or Adventure Events
    • Day Tour Excursions (As a group or by individual choice)
    • Spa Packages including various treatment options
  • Meals Options:
    • Breakfast always included daily at your accommodation
    • Lunch and/or Afternoon tea’s available or pre-arranged for purchase
    • Group Dinners at your accommodation, local restaurant or enjoy a dinner event including entertainment, music, singing and/or dancing
  • Fitness Instructor(s): Bring your own or inquire about including and experienced instructor to accompany the group
  • Tour/Adventure Guide: Licensed and professional tour guides are available to hire to join you for a portion or your entire trip.
  • Tenon Tours Travel Host: Available by request.
  • Tenon Tours Exclusive By-Your-Side Service℠ – Priority Level
    • Porterage (hotel luggage service)
    • E-Documents
    • Tenon Tours 24/7 Traveler Hotline
    • Concierge service with our custom Smartphone App providing:
      • Access to your daily itinerary
      • Maps
      • Restaurant recommendations
      • Group messaging and contact with Tour Host & Fitness Instructor
      • Direct messaging to our TEAM for any and everything you may need
      • AND so much more!


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    Travel Protection:

    • Pricing based on the price of your package.
    • Cancel For Any Reason Waiver* and pre-existing conditions included if purchased within 7 days of deposit.
    • Travel Protection provided by TripMate, click here for more information on the plan.
    • Note: Due to the level of physical activity required for these types of tours Travel Protection is STRONGLY recommended!


    *Pricing- Flight is subject to fuel and taxes. Passenger will be responsible for any change in flight premium. Notification of any changes in price will be announced no later than 20 days prior to departure. Travel documents will not be issued unless passenger balance is $0.
    **Triple rooms include a double bed + sofa. Three separate beds are not available.
    ***Room Upgrades based on double occupancy. Inquire for Single or Triple upgrade options, if available.
    ****Flight schedules are subject to change at any time.

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