Self-Drive Tours of Ireland

Are you looking for an Ireland vacation with ultimate freedom?

Explore at your own pace with our custom self-drive tours of Ireland.

Out of all our Ireland trip types, our self-drive tours are the most popular because they offer complete freedom. You’ll be able to enjoy the sights and attractions of Ireland without needing to keep track of a strict schedule. As a bonus, the size of Ireland is relatively small which means you’ll be able to cross every place off your bucket list with a 14-night trip.

Download our free self-drive guide for ideas of where to go, what to do and how to get there!

Self-Drive Tours of Ireland

What’s included in my self-drive tour of Ireland?

Tenon Tours provides you with a rental car for your self-drive tour, as well as accommodations, daily itinerary, breakfast and more.

  • Overnight stays in the locations of your choice
  • Choose your flexibility: Go-As-You-Please with B&B vouchers or plan a daily itinerary
  • Accommodations for your desired trip length in B&B’s, Hotels, Manor Homes and/or Castles.
  • Rental Vehicles: Choose from different cars, transmissions, vans, luxury options or a motorcycle!
  • All accommodation taxes/fees
  • Breakfast included every morning
  • Traveler Hotline available 24/7
  • By-Your-Side Service℠ which includes:
    • Tenon Tours Travel App
    • Future Travel & Loyalty Discounts
    • On the go Tours & Attraction Credit
    • Travel Gift
    • Flight Assistance
    • Concierge Service & Much More!


What type of vehicle will I get?

Our travel specialists will recommend cars based off the size and needs of your group.

Your self-drive car rental comes with:

  • Rental vehicle with available pick-up/drop-off at the airport of your choice and most city-centers
  • Choose from different car sizes, transmission (manual or automatic), vans, luxury options or motorcycle
  • All compulsory insurance-Collision Damage Waiver insurance (CDW with a deductible)
  • Theft protection insurance (TP)
  • VAT sales tax
  • Unlimited free mileage
  • Third party liability insurance
  • Airport surcharge
  • Road map

Upgrades to Super CDW are also available.

View our list of frequently asked questions about our self-drive tours in Ireland.


Suggested Itineraries for your self-drive tour of Ireland

Our suggested itineraries serve to help you start thinking about places you may want to see (or not see) during your trip to Ireland as well as how much time you want to spend in each location. Use these suggestions as guidelines – your trip will be 100% customizable!

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Customize your self-drive to hit all these famous filming locations!


5-Night Itineraries

  • Highlights – The perfect itinerary for those looking to cross some of the most popular Ireland attractions off your bucket list in just a few days.
  • Northern Welcome – Looking to spend the majority of your time exploring Northern Ireland? This itinerary will take you to all the highlights with a final stop in Co. Clare.
  • Ancient East – History buffs will love uncovering the 5,000 years of history in Ireland’s Ancient East.
  • Wonderful West – Make your way through the western coast of Ireland with stops at Galway, Aran Islands and more.


7-Night Itineraries

  • Southern Taste – Take your time traveling along the southern coast of Ireland starting with Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and ending at the famous Cliffs of Moher.
  • Northern Loop – Make your way through Northern Ireland before venturing into the Republic of Ireland to Co. Clare.
  • Wild Western Coast – An expansion of our 5-night Wonderful West itinerary with an added one-night stop in Dublin.


10-Night Itineraries

    • Best of Ireland – Exactly as it sounds. Spend ten nights circling Ireland with stops at all the big attractions along the way.
    • Magical North – Witness the magic of Northern Ireland as you travel through these highlighted locations.
    • Ireland Voyager – Feeling adventurous? Circle the entire island with major stops in Northern Ireland and Ireland.
    • North Adventure – Circle the north with your first and final nights in Dublin.

    14-Night Itineraries

    • Full Circle – Travel the entire coast at your own pace with stops at our suggested locations.
    • Perfect North – Spend more time exploring each city, getting to know the locals and the culture.
    • Southern Splendor – Explore Ireland’s countryside with this two-week long adventure.


    Planning your self-drive tour of Ireland

    The possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a bookworm, film fanatic or Game of Thrones fan, we can tailor your trip to show you locations that you care about. Let us assist you with planning your dream vacation to Ireland!

    Craft my self-drive tour of Ireland
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