Self-Drive Tours: What did you name your GPS in Ireland?

No one remembers their grandma talking to the toaster or developing a personal attachment to the coffee pot.  Do you?

When you book an

Ireland Self-Drive

with Tenon Tours, you will automatically receive a complimentary GPS and phone rental for your Irish adventure

.  These shnazzy computerized maps will take on an unexpectedly human presence in your roadway journey around the Emerald Isle.

Many people feel compelled to name their global positioning satellites-the same way we would a cat, dog, or a fish.  You would be surprised, but many Tenon Tours’ customers name their GPS in Ireland.  From Libby (Short for Lady in the Box.), to Minnie (AKA for GarMin), to Yoda.  These small devices that suction cup to your car’s dashboard, will eventually become your faithful friend.  Your GPS in Ireland will become an honorary member of your vacation.


Ben and Danyelltook their Ireland vacation two years ago.  They said that their GPS in Ireland was key!  “When we arrived in Ireland, we decided to name the unit Siobhán-my favorite Irish name.  I am so happy to report that Siobhán was absolutely indispensable!  She was so helpful in getting us from place to place, with pin point accuracy as planned.  Only a couple of times did she lose track of our path or our destination, but she eventually got us to every single destination that we asked her to guide us to.  Siobhán’s most impressive guidance was in getting us to Ashford Castle west of Galway.  She took us down the most beautiful and narrow country roads, then we rounded a bend to arrive at the front doors of the castle.  There were no road signs, and no signs whatsoever pointing to Ashford Castle, yet our trusty friend Siobhán knew the way!  Without our GPS in Ireland, we would have never found the castle, as maps would have been rendered absolutely useless.”

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One Tenon Tours’ customer said their GPS in Ireland was amazing and that they could not have survived without it.  They named their GPS in Ireland, Rosie, because she became part of the tour.  “Rosie took us on some interesting routes.  Always the shortest route, but not necessarily the fastest.  It only added to our adventure and we would have struggled without our GPS in Ireland!”

“The Bitch”

Another recent Tenon traveler called their GPS in Ireland, The Bitch.  “At one point leaving Kerry and going to the Cliffs of Moher in Clare, we just assumed we would be skirting around Limerick.  However, The Bitch (Our little pet name for our GPS in Ireland) was taking us somewhere else.  I was forced to pull over and see where she was sending us.  Ahhh…, a ferry!  We did not even think of the ferry, but The Bitch was a good girl.  The Bitch saved us time, as we took a ferry twice on our journey.  We would never have mapped in a ferry if we were driving on our own.  Our GPS in Ireland was invaluable.”

Some traveling will have a love-hate relationship with their GPS in Ireland. Having a device that talks, but doesn’t listen, can get tiresome.  Others simply enjoy having someone in the car to argue with.  We scream at them, “Turn here, are you crazy?”  We suspect them trying to do us harm, “I think my GPS is trying to get me arrested by the Gardai.”  We refuse to leave home without them, ignore them, and then obey them-telling us to take the most obscure route ever.

So, for those of you that are patient and trust your GPS in Ireland through the country back roads, always remember that getting there is better than getting lost!  Maybe whispering sweet nothings to your GPS in Ireland will help.  You might even be tempted to give it a name.  Maybe be inspired by an Irish name.  Possibly Áine, Niamh, or Orla?  Or Shewho/Shehu (Short for She Who Must Be Obeyed.)  Personally, if I go on a Self-Drive, I’ll name my GPS in Ireland-GPSy, since she’s always on the move.  (Hey-o!  If blogging doesn’t work out for me, maybe I can become a comedian.)



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