Elizabeth Smith

Marketing Manager | South Carolina

Part of what makes Tenon so great is our one-on-one mentality and desire to get to know our clients. We thought it was about time to return the favor and let you get to know us! Elizabeth, our Marketing Manager, has been with us since 2019. Below she answered some questions about herself and her journey in the travel business!


The Queen Victoria Memorial at Buckingham Palace.

Visiting the Queen Victoria Memorial at Buckingham Palace


How does your education connect to your career? What about personal experiences?
I have a degree in English literature from West Virginia University (let’s go, Mountaineers!) and a graduate certification in digital media and design from the University of Connecticut. These connect to my marketing career as my primary focus at Tenon Tours is our digital content strategy! I also have a personal passion for traveling.


Where have you traveled to so far?
I have traveled to Mexico, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Ireland, England and Belgium as well as several states throughout the U.S. I have many more destinations on my bucket list!


Overlooking the Cliffs of Moher

Overlooking the Cliffs of Moher


If you had to choose one place that has been your favorite to visit, what would it be?

Ireland, hands down! My heritage traces back to County Clare. I love the countryside of Ireland and just find it to be incredibly beautiful.


Exploring Brugge, Belgium

Exploring Brugge, Belgium


What is your least favorite part of traveling?

Even though I enjoy traveling, I am not a fan of flying! I get very nervous during take off, landing, and every moment in between – but I am getting better. 🙂


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy reading, running, knitting and watching The Office religiously on Netflix. I also enjoy spending free time with my fiance, Louie, our dog Saph and our cat Spencer.


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