Margo Krasteva

Operations Coordinator | Delaware

Part of what makes Tenon so great is our one-on-one mentality and desire to get to know our clients. We thought it was about time to return the favor and let you get to know us! Margo, one of our operations coordinators, has been with us since 2019. Below she answered some questions about herself and her journey in the travel business!


Where have you traveled to so far?

I have traveled to Bulgaria, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Dominican Republic Ireland, Northern Ireland and of course the United States.

If you had to choose one place that has been your favorite to visit, what would it be?

The city that has a little bit of everything: beaches, history, art, culture, excellent food, and a fun lovely atmosphere. For me, that is Barcelona!

Who is the ideal Tenon Tours client and why should they connect with us?

Curious people who are not afraid of getting outside their comfort zone to seek adventure and new experiences. And of course, the repeat clients who are our biggest brand advocates!

What inspired you to become an Operations Coordinator?

I truly enjoy my position as Operations Coordinator at Tenon Tours. I always feel enthusiastic when putting together the puzzle of hotels, tours and drivers and making it all fit perfectly within the provided budget for the ultimate customer experience.

What would be your #1 travel tip for a client who has never traveled abroad before?

Keep everything important in your backpack.

How does your education connect to your career? What about personal experiences?

Studying Economics in Bulgaria gave me an invaluable experience in discipline and accuracy. While attending college in the US, I believe the most helpful aspect of my education was creating those essential communications skills that taught me how to work as a team member, share skills, accept and adapt.

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