Minnie Michel

Security in Training | Delaware

Introducing our newest team member, Minnie Michel! Minnie enjoys long walks on the beach, sleeping, eating, and a lot of attention from her fellow colleagues. Learn a little bit more about Minnie below!

“Are you… talkin’ to me?”


How does your education connect to your career?
“I am currently in Dog Obedience School pursuing a Bachelors Degree in the art of Barking at the Wind.”

What is your favorite movie?
“I really like to watch Mission Impawsible and Lady and the Tramp.”

What do you eat for breakfast?
“I really like Beagles with Cream Cheese!”

What do you like for dessert?
“I woof Pupcakes and vanilla frosting.”

This is me after a long, hard, 5 minutes in the office.

What is your pet peeve that you see other people doing while traveling?
“Crying babies who get louder when I try to talk to them. Woof! Woof!”

What do you tell your Tenon Representatives each day?
“I always tell them how much I woof them and how pawsome they are!”

What is your favorite song to jam to while working at Tenon?
“Dont Stop Retrieving is my favorite! Winnie, my Chief Security Director, keeps saying that song from Frozen is getting old. I keep telling her to Let it Go!”

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