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“A Happy New Year! Grant that I may bring no tear to any eye when this New Year in time shall end. Let it be said I’ve played the friend, have lived and loved and labored here, and made of it a happy year.” ~Edgar Guest

This December, the Alovus Group embarked on an amazing Company Kick Off in Mexico. Tenon Tours, Go Blue Tours, Go Educational Tours, and the Irish Life Experience gathered together to celebrate and review accomplishments from 2012; while looking forward to what the future holds in 2013.

While a few days were filled with work, we also were able to play in the sun. We even went snorkeling, zip lining, repelling, and cliff diving! It was a special week where we were able to spend time with each other as a Team and get to know one another better. We are all looking forward to serving our customers in 2013. Whether you are traveling to Ireland, taking a trip to Mexico, teachers traveling with student groups, or students participating in cultural programs in Ireland, we look forward to making your travel dreams a reality.

Get to know us better, as we share what some of our favorite parts of the Kick Off were-along with our New Year’s Resolutions. Enjoy!

Bryan Lewis, President





My favorite part of the Kick Off was…

Seeing our Dream Team tremble while repelling, but successfully coming through in the end.

My New Year’s Resolutions are to…

Explore more of the world.  While I love taking a trip to Ireland, I would like to vacation in a destination non-work-related. Maybe Montana???  And, I wold like to make more time to listen to my favorite musician, Jason Mraz.

Katie Fleming, Managing Director




My favorite parts of the Kick Off were…

The Awards Ceremony.  I enjoyed giving everyone Executive Titles and trying to replicate our name plaques in the office.  Combined with the personal and funny names and songs, I realized how amazing our team of Ireland Travel Specialists truly are.

It was also a highlight for me to see the amazing Platinum Award that Stephanie received. She is so deserving and makes me so proud of her-not only as an employee, but as a cherished friend.

My  New Year’s Resolution is to…

Visit Taryn and Big Beard in Montana.

Gerardo Barrera, Finance Director
My favorite part of the Kick Off was…

The Mayan Adventure Day.  I was impressed that everyone did all of the activities, really sticking together at all times, and showing everyone that our Team is strong and works well with one another.

My New Year’s Resolutions are to…

Run a 5K, spend more time with my kids, eat healthier, take a vacation in Montana, and say BAM at least ten times a day to our Tenon Tours Team to encourage them to work harder.

Stefan Mericer, Chief Operating Officer
My favorite parts of the Kick Off were…

Other than DMawn’s tattoo, it was great to see everyone relaxed.  Our team spirit is strong, and it was a great time to get to know everyone better.

Not to mention catching a little sleep on the beach too.  Zzzzzzzzzz.

My New Year’s Resolution is to…

Go skiing at Big Mountain in Montana.

Erika Gustafson, Director of Operations
My favorite part of the Kick Off was…

Jumping on the beach.

My New Year’s Resolution are to…

Unplug more often and to take time to enjoy life and travel more-locally or internationally.

Maybe Montana???

Barbara Brown, National Accounts Executive
My favorite part of the Kick Off was…

Hands down, the Mayan Adventure Day.  It was my first time snorkeling and zip lining.  I loved every minute of it and I can’t wait to do it again!  Oh, and when Derek got a tattoo.

My New Year’s Resolutions are to…

Make a serious effort to volunteer more if I have any free time over the weekends and to see more of the world!

Maybe Montana???

Lupita Garcia, National Accounts Executive
My favorite part of the Kick Off was…

Making a human pyramid.  Even though there was a lot of weight for the people at the bottom , I realized everyone was strong to not let the pyramid collapse.  I thought this can be applied in our work-we can support each other in order to keep Tenon Tours on top of the travel pyramid.

My New Year’s Resolutions are to…

Have a baby (Maybe a romantic trip to Ireland.), be more patient with my son, visit Montana, and create life changing experiences for my customers by giving them the best service when they book a trip to Mexico.

Taryn Harrison, National Accounts Executive




My favorite parts of the Kick Off were…,

Watching Derek eat habanero salsa, witnessing Stephanie take out dollars instead of pesos from an ATM machine, seeing the craziness that ensues at Coco Bongo, snorkeling and discovering a giant sting ray with Andrew-while pretending I was Steve Irwin, crying, laughing, then crying again from my fear of heights while repelling, (I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it if it wasn’t for my fellow friend, Andrew-encouraging me and reassuring me that everything was going to be alright.), delicious Sangria, late night Tacos Al Pastor, the beautiful sunshine, (Since I’m used to 25 degrees and snow during the month of December in Montana.) swimming in the ocean with Bryan and Gerry, and learning more phrases from Lupita/Mo Mo in Espanol, since I only knew “uno mas cervasa, por favor.”

Another highlight was learning what we had accomplished in 2012 as a unique group of companies, coming together to share in a common passion of education and travel to Ireland and beyond.  It made me very excited for what the future holds in 2013.  Not to mention, it was amazing to get to know everyone better and share in such a special bonding experience.

My New Year’s Resolutions are to…

Spend more time with my family, train for my next marathon, and meet a nice man.  Anyone know a 30-some year old man that would be great catch?  If so, feel free to contact me.

My New Year’s Resolutions for work are to get 45 students on the Irish Life Experience for 2013, help to insure my customers have the best trip to Ireland and beyond with Tenon Tours, and spread the word about Go Blue Tours.  Being my first time to Mexico and seeing the beauty of this amazing country-along with the most kind hearted people, I’m looking forward to sharing everything I learned with interested travelers.

Derek Mawn, National Accounts Executive




My favorite parts of the Kick Off were…

Getting a fake stupid horse with wings tattoo, which I thought was a lion.  I should have listened to Andrew, Bryan, and Taryn when they told me to get the unicorn!  And my next favorite part was Barb believing my tattoo was real the whole time, until we couldn’t take it any more and eventually told her.

My New Year’s Resolutions are to…

Quit smoking and go hiking in Montana.

Stephanie Molettiere, Senior Accounts Executive
My favorite parts of the Kick Off were…

Strengthening bonds with my fellow employees and gaining new memories that we can share and remember forever. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with the Tenon Tours Team since I work outside of the office, but getting opportunities like this to interact with them face to face, really brings us closer together!

My New Year’s Resolution are to…

Look to the brighter side in every situation.  I don’t necessarily think I am a negative person.  However, I have a tendency to look towards the negative when it comes to myself, family, friends, and work…  It’s almost as if I expect that something is wrong, so I kind of encourage it and wind up stressing myself out ten times worse than I should be.  I need to start enjoying and welcoming life with a positive mindset every day.  And maybe a vacation to Montana???

Andrew Sanborn, National Accounts Executive
My favorite parts of the Kick Off were…

Getting to know my co-workers better and Disco Derek.

My New Year’s Resolutions are to…

Spend more time with my kids, learn to play the diegeriedoo, play Apples to Apples more, and visit Montana.

Hilary Flanagan, Project Manager




My favorite parts of the Kick Off were…

Spending time with our whole team.  I loved speaking Spanish and I loved taking jumping photos!  I also love that I’m now able to say that I’ve gone repelling, even though I’m not sure I actually loved doing it since my memory’s foggy due to fear.  (Though I do love looking at the pictures where you can see how terrified I am-pretty brill.)

My New Year’s Resolution are to…

Well, I don’t think it’s any secret what my resolutions are.  Some of my personal goals are to (Which, sadly, are the same as my 2012 personal goals.) stop dating men who are bad for me, visit the Big Sky state, open a savings account, and pay off at least one credit card.  2013’s my year, Brah!

Personal goals aside, I’m getting jazzed about what a year 2013’s going to be for Tenon Tours.  Boston’s Irish Pub Challenge is set to be the biggest ever (Hopefully world record breaking-fingers crossed!), we have a ton of new groups traveling to Ireland, and some great new tours including a bigger expansion into the UK.  If you’ve put off taking a trip to Ireland, then you should definitely make it happen in 2013!

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