Tenon Tours Reviews: Should You Trust TripAdvisor Posts & Yelp Reviews?

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“If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.  Don’t complain.”  -Maya Angelou

In today’s age, people will never speak up unless it’s to complain about something.  Unfortunately, we are a culture that complains for the sake of complaining.  Sad, isn’t it?

So, with the rise and reliance of review sites, particularly TripAdvisor and Yelp, they have become perfect outlets for our society to vent and voice our opinions in open forums.  However, we’re finding that sometimes there seems to be a disconnect between what’s real and what’s perceived by the consumer.  While we value our customer’s reviews of Tenon Tours and take them very seriously, some of them can be misleading.

A few recent Tenon Tours reviews will often show up ahead of Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter, when doing a basic search for our company.  It definitely doesn’t help our credibility when people are looking for a vacation to Ireland.  While many reviews of Tenon Tours were posted by travelers who may have been justified in posting them, some clearly went out of their way to defame our company by simultaneously posting on numerous sites.  To some, we might seem to have a terrible reputation simply because of a few negative reviews of Tenon Tours from one unhappy traveler.

However, the irony of it all is that there were positive reviews of Tenon Tours also posted online, but the review sites thought the applauding responses looked suspicious and removed them.  So, many customers are now left with a biased view because of simple algorithms and review sites’ choices to display only the negative Tenon Tours Ireland reviews.  It’s an uphill battle for a tour operator.

We truly appreciate our customers reviews of Tenon Tours.  We take a lot of pride in helping our clients plan their dream vacations to Ireland and beyond. We are very passionate about what we do and we love our jobs.  We encourage our customers to let us know what we can ehnance, as we always address and rectify each concern.  Negative Tenon Tours reviews have always resulted in positive changes for our travel programs and tours to Ireland. Negative reviews are also always followed up personally by someone at Tenon Tours in which most times a resolution has been found, but the bad review still remains and leaves a scar.

No company is perfect.  We admit; we make mistakes.   However, we learn, we grow, and we improve.

When you are looking to book a trip to Ireland or beyond, just remember… for every dissatisfied customer of Tenon Tours, there are 100 more positive reviews of Tenon Tours.  Just make sure to ask questions and do the research.  Travel to Ireland with Tenon Tours and we will do our best and make sure your travel dreams become reality!

Here are some recent Tenon Tours reviews to see for yourself.

“It was obvious you knew what you were doing and had done it before.”  -Priscilla M. 10/25/12

“Loved the City Stay Travel options.”  -Pat S. 10/11/12

“Tenon Tours was very responsive to our needs.”  -Shelly V. 09/14/12

“Best vacation we ever had. We will go back.”  -Jackie L. 08/29/12

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  1. It is so true. These sites are not correctly monitored. There is a case coming up shortly in the UK where the case is against Tripadvisor.

    There have been various incidents where reviews have been left about companies, not by someone who stayed with or used that company, but by their competition – how right is that…

    Look at some companies in a certain field and ask – why have they so many Positive Reviews in comparison to other companies – Maybe they are submitting them themselves….

    Take a look at this article


    You can buy reviews http://real-tripadvisor-reviews.com/

    And here is another http://www.tripadvisorsuccess.com/

    Let me ask you a question……

    If Tripadvisor were really interested in the reviews submitted and their company name would they not try to close down these companies offering to write reviews and totally mislead the consumer.

    The answer my friend is that they are making too much money from their site and the more people they allow to write “dodgy reviews” the more money they will make.


    With YELP You can also buy reviews, however Yelp are quick to place a warning if they suspect a company of faking it..

    They have already “Outed” a few companies….

    The best review is a personal recommendation so try to find out from a genuine friend or friend of a friend.

    A companies own website that shows reviews and allows their customers to submit reviews is usually the best option….

    On a final point – always “Read Between The Lines”

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