The Commitments is a Great Irish Movie to Watch!

The Commitments is a relaxed, colorful creation, remaining true to rascally human behaviors, while respecting the unifying power of music. A downright irresistible movie.” Brian Orndorf, Movie Critic

Forget the movies, Leap Year and PS, I Love You. How many of you have seen one of Ireland’s greatest movies (In my opinion.), The Commitments?

Take a trip to Ireland back in 1991, when you watch this dram-com film adaptation. Based on Irish author, Roddy Doyle’s first novel, The Commitments is a rags-to-riches story that takes place in the heart of Dublin.

Disgusted with the bands of Ireland, character Jimmy Rabbitte decides to form a soul band and model his group’s music after Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and Otis Redding. Crazy, right? A soul band in Ireland? Jimmy eventually holds auditions at his parent’s house, and after some entertaining scenes, The Commitments are born.

With the help of seasoned musician, Joey “The Lips” Fagan, who has some embellished stories about meeting and working with famous musicians, Jimmy gets The Commitments ready for gigs in the Big Smoke (Dublin). Believing in the power of soul music, he helps get The Commitments’ career started.

With catchy and well known songs like Chain of Fools, In the Midnight Hour, and Mustang Sally, The Commitments are destined for stardom in Ireland. The band members can sense a glimpse of hope for a better future, but all of that is shattered when inter-band-bickering causes The Commitments to break up.

The Commitments is definitely well worth the watch, with sequels The Snapper and The Van to follow. It even has a few famous actors that you might recognize from recent films-Colm Meaney from Star Trek and Glen Hansard from Once. Beware that it is a little vulgar and uses the “f” word 145 times in 113 minutes.  Parental guidance is advised and children will need earmuffs.

Take this weekend to find The Commitments on Netflix.  It won’t disappoint.  You will love this enduring movie about the rise and demise of Irish soul band. It will have you crying, laughing, and wanting to travel to Ireland to listen to some soulful tunes.

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