The Definition of Craic

If you’ve been considering taking a

trip to Ireland

, you’ve probably been doing a bit of research.  That means you’ve also come across the fact that parts of Ireland, despite a tumultuous English invasion history, speak Gaelic.  There is one word, and one word only, that no matter what you do during your Irish travel you should go in search of …‘craic.’Craic, some say, is indefinable.  To get yourself started, it is pronounced ‘crack.’  If you have images of the popular connotations of the word ‘crack’ in the U.S., you’re way off base.  This craic has nothing to do with an intoxication of any sort … or does it?


generally means good music, fun and friends.  It’s meant to define the indefinable joy that comes with bringing people together and having a good time.

Irish travel

means you’ll hear this word thrown around by the locals.  On a Saturday night, revelers go looking for the


.  They don’t stop there.  You will see craic used as a noun in printed articles, similar to ‘The craic was enjoyed by all.’  You may also hear a funny story here or there of Irish folks traveling abroad who got themselves in trouble for looking for craic. Synonymous with ‘a good time’ we all would enjoy getting a little addicted.

Here are some other phrases for the use of the word craic:

Last night was great craic.

She’s great craic when she gets going.

He’s great craic when he has a few pints on him.

What’s the craic?

How’s the craic?

The craic was mighty.

It was brilliant craic

There is one point every user of the word craic seems to agree on: You cannot have it alone.


is always a social bringing together of people. It needs to include others in order to capture the essence.  If you plan on booking an

Ireland vacation

, you can to go in search of craic at a pub, festival or really anywhere you experience good times with friends- old and new.  You may find it with a band playing music or somewhere the drink is served.  Whatever you do, make sure you embrace it.  That’s what


is for.


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