The Difference between Hopper Tours & Traditional Escorted Tours

Ireland.Kerry.RingofKerry.SSWhen you read “Tours to Ireland, the UK, Italy and/or Iceland” what do you think of? Most people picture the age-old group bus tour with 40 to 50 passengers traveling around the countryside day in and day out led by a guide carrying an umbrella, paddle or flag to make sure everyone stays together. 7:00 wake-up, 8:00 breakfast, 9:00 bus departure to hit the sights. Get back to your hotel in the evening for a group dinner with a set menu then maybe you’ll catch a trad session at a local pub if you’re close enough or mingle with the group at the hotel bar. Go to sleep and up the next day to do it again. This is the case NO MORE! There is a new way to explore our destinations.

A structured fully escorted tour can be the way to go for some travelers, but not all- now there is a choice. If you don’t want to drive in a different country, but you still want some help with your travel plans we can help. Tenon Tours has designed a new option for the independent traveler & like-minded groups. Tenon Tours’ City-Hopper tours will provide you with your transportation from town to town, accommodations, a flexible itinerary and optional day tours & attractions– the perfect way to combine the structure you need, with the flexibility you want!



We’ve compiled a list to help chart out the differences between these types of tours. Which one suits you?



So are you team Hopper or team Escorted? Either way, Tenon is here to accommodate! Still have questions? See our tours below and request more information to hear from a personal travel specialist!

Hopper Tours      
 Escorted Tours

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