The Gaelic Games: What is Rounders?

Another sport of the Gaelic Games, along with Gaelic Football, Hurling and Gaelic Handball, Rounders is a sport that has been played in Ireland under the rules of the GAA since 1884.  Rounders is a game that is very similar to baseball. The pitch is 77 yards, and foul lines run along the sides of the pitch.


  • Sliothar (the ball): 8.9-10 inches in circumference
  • Bat: 28-41 inches long and 8.7 inches in diameter – there is no limited on the bat weight and the bat can be wooden, plastic, or medal
  • Bases: 27 yards apart


Nine players are allowed on the pitch at a time, but an unlimited amount of batters may be on the team list. The rules of rounders are very similar to that of baseball, as mentioned earlier. Each batter gets three “good” balls, where they are given a chance to hit the ball in order to get a run to make it onto one of the bases. Once the batter has run around all four bases, they have scored a point, which is known as a rounder.

If the fielder gets the ball to the base before the batter has arrived, they are out. The batter is also out if they fail to hit the ball in one of the three “good” balls that they get. The batter must run in a straight line to each base, and the fielders cannot stand in their way either in the direct line of the base or on the base itself.

There are five innings in each game, and whichever team has scored the most “rounders” at the end is the winning team.

Rounders is a fun game to watch and participate in. If you’re traveling to Ireland, make sure you check out a game in a local league, or try to join in one. It is a popular game among school children, so you might even walk by a few games without even knowing it!

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