The Lonely Planet World Food Guide to Ireland Food

If tasting the culinary delicacies of a country is one of your main travel goals, then make sure you count Ireland in! You may at first balk at the idea of a food tour of Ireland; however, Ireland is certainly up and coming in the culinary world – it’s not just about meat and potatoes anymore!

It turns out that Lonely Planet Food Guide: Ireland has put together the best of a few of our favorite worlds. Let’s see what you can learn from their Irish food guide book: Culinary History.

If we were to stereotype – the Irish eat a lot of potatoes. But did you know that pasta was banned in Ireland until 1971?

Further, while the Great Famine profoundly affected the Irish culture, in modern day, chefs are embracing their potato heritage. Why? Well, it’s so versatile, of course!

The history of Irish food.

From the Celts to the mid-eighteenth century, you can learn about how delicious things came to the tables of kings. It was actually the class systems requiring the tenants to provide food for royal tables that helped develop the culinary diversity of Ireland food.

Each farmer would bring their wares, partially for payment, to the houses of members of the upper class. In this way, the wealthy had a diverse set of ingredients to experiment with. And while it may seem fairly straight forward, just ask 10 grandmas to make 10 pies and you can imagine how different each would be.

Ireland food recipes.

I wouldn’t say that this is a cookbook, per se. However, it does go over the primary ingredients used in Irish cooking, then provides recipes. You’ll find Ireland food recipes for bacon and cabbage, soda bread and Irish coffee all packed in. Then, look for lot of the famous potato recipes, like how to cook a spud three ways.

Since we all know from dispelling Irish stereotypes that potatoes gained in popularity thanks to their ease of cooking, it’s no wonder you can learn to bake, boil or fry them in this book.

Maps of Irish food hotspots.

Awesomely, if you have a thing for farm cheese (and who doesn’t have a thing for soft, salty, fresh farm cheese) you can see a map of it in this Ireland guide book. They will tell you where to visit for Dublin markets as well.

The Lonely Planet Food Guide: Ireland is a great addition to your Ireland vacation and we certainly think it’s a fantastic way to experience the top places to eat in Ireland. Don’t feel pressured into only eating “traditional” Irish foods while you’re there. Take the time to experience the modern delicacies as well!


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