The Titanic: Belfast & Cobh

Timeline of the Titanic

April 2, 1912

06.00-18.00 Belfast (Titanic Sea Trials)

08.00 Departs Belfast for Southampton (arrives on Thurs 4th April 1912, shortly after midnight).


April 10, 1912

Departs Southampton. Arrives in Cherbourg 90 minutes later.

08.10 Departs Cherbourg

April 11, 1912

11.30 Arrives in Queenstown (know as Cobh, Cork)

13.40 Departs Queenstown for New York City

April 14, 1912

23.40 Titanic hits the iceberg


April 15, 1912

02.20 Titanic founders

April 18, 1912

21.00 Carpathia arrives in New York with the survivors of RMS Titanic

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No other city is as closely tied to the Titanic story as Belfast. By 1911 Harland & Wolff were the largest shipbuilders in the world. 15000 highly skilled laborers worked for 3 years to build the massive ship in the dry docks at Harland & Wolff Shipyard. The people of Belfast have an immense sense of pride in the role their city played in the Titanic story. Locals are still fond of saying “She was alright when she left here!”

Today you can still tour the Harland & Wolff Shipyard where the Titanic was built, enjoy a harbor cruise around Belfast or go back in time through the Titanic Visitors Center which was opened to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Titanicʼs sinking.



Cobh was the last port of call for Titanic before setting out for New York on April 11th, 1912. This was also the embarkation point for many Irish families starting the journey to America and a new life. A total of 123 passengers boarded tenders for the short ride out to the Titanic. Of that 123, 3 were first class, 7 second class and 113 were steerage (third class). These were the last passengers to board the doomed ship. No one could have suspected that 4 days later the Titanic would meet her fate.

Today you can see the original tender docks, enjoy the Titanic Heritage Tour and visit Cobh Cathedral where many families attended services before boarding the Titanic.

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