Top 10 Irish Whiskey Facts


Top o’ the evenin’ to ya!  It’s approaching happy hour.  That means you might be considering a sip of whiskey.  If you’re researching

vacations to Ireland

, or considering one any time soon,

Irish whiskey

, with its long, interesting history, will be waiting for you.   We aren’t attached to which of the

popular Irish drinks

you might choose to have a happy hour with.  However, if you choose to imbibe with Irish whiskey, we do want to share a bit o’ the facts.

  1. Whiskey was founded by Irish Monks, who had both the time, education, and safe locations to perfect distillation. (So they say:  There’s no

    Irish whiskey history

    set in stone.)
  2. Irish whiskey doesn’t toast it’s barley, making it smoother.
  3. Irish whiskey uses a method called pot still where heat is applied directly to the pot.  It is distilled three times.
  4. According to the Irish Whiskey Act of 1980, Irish whiskey must be aged and distilled in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.
  5. Only four

    Irish Whiskey distilleries

    still exist in Ireland today.  They are Bushmills, New Midleton and Cooley.  The fourth, Kilbeggan, opened in 2007,  is just now beginning to release its Irish whiskey to the public.
  6. Two of the Irish whiskey distilleries are run by a French company, Pernod Richard.
  7. Cooley distillery is the only Irish whiskey maker, er, Irish whiskey distillery independently owned by an Irish man, John Teeling.
  8. Irish whiskey was one of the earliest distilled drinks in Europe.  It was very popular with the British, actually.  Irish whiskey might have only survived thanks to the high British demand.
  9. A Blend means the Irish whiskey comes from two or more distillates, er, separate batches of whiskey.  In Irish whiskey talk, single malt, etc. isn’t defined as it is with Scotch whiskey.
  10. Since we at

    Tenon Tours

    prefer a sweet ending:  Bailey’s, an Irish liqueur, is a blend of Irish whiskey, coffee and cream.  Yum!

Now, as you enjoy a little happy hour time during your

tour of Ireland

, you will be fully prepared to spin a yarn of the Irish whiskey facts.  Go you!

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